Keeping tabs on the Exec | Issue 15

Keeping tabs on the Exec | Issue 15

The Department of Tourism have made a proposal to “repaint the two corridors in the Division of Commerce building ... in the rainbow colours that have been utilised both by the LGBT community and the post-apartheid South Africa as an emblem of inclusivity”. The department wanted to know whether OUSA could provide help or support for the initiative, however the proposal failed to mention whether they were seeking financial help or just people power, leaving the OUSA Executive unsure of an appropriate response. President Hugh Baird stated that they will have an “extensive capital budget” to finance it themselves, though Finance Officer Cody Kirby noted that helping out could promote the association by providing “long term recognition”. OUSA CEO Debbie Downs noted, “it is not much of a public space,” believing that it would be much better suited to the “side of OUSA [Clubs and Socs Building]”. A decision was deferred to next week’s meeting.

Quotes to replace the windows in the OUSA Clubs and Socs Building have been given, although the difference in the two quotes is significant, with the second being half of the first, without much difference in the equipment that would be used by either. A quote from a third company has been requested.

Downs told the group that a cycle-way will be built along the one-way system in North Dunedin as a result of the injuries and fatalities of cyclists along those roads in the past. Further details on the cycle-way will be given in the near future, but some may see the 300 car parks that will be lost and only 110 car parks that will be regained to be particularly problematic considering the issue that parking can be during semester time.

Education Officer Bryn Jenkins was interested to know what is happening with the CCTV issue, stating that the “first we [heard] about the process is in the newspaper”. Hugh responded by saying he “thought he’d sent the proposal through,” although none of the other executive members seemed to have received the proposal.

The meeting ended with Admin VP William Guy saying a big “congratulations to Hugh [Baird] for the glass initiative”. 

This article first appeared in Issue 15, 2017.
Posted 10:28am Sunday 16th July 2017 by Joe Higham.