Missing: grey rectangles

Missing: grey rectangles

Police are seeking the owners of a number of items they suspect were stolen from North Dunedin flats in the last several weeks. 

A man was driving a scooter when he was stopped by police on Albany Street, North Dunedin, according to a Police Media Centre statement, along with several suspicious items discovered in his possession.

The man is believed to have unlawfully entered properties in the area between Friday 1 July and Monday 1 August 2016.

The items include a Kindle, jewellery, pocket watches, commemorative coins, cameras, wallets, a mobile phone and a Cambodian lighter were also located.

The statement urges “Dunedin residents to check their property for missing items such as those listed.”

If you believe any of these items may belong to you, please contact Constable Davies at the Dunedin Central Police Station on (03) 471 4869.

This article first appeared in Issue 23, 2016.
Posted 10:49am Saturday 17th September 2016 by Critic.