Small loans no longer needed to purchase avocados

After a 2015 season which saw avocado fans forking out huge sums due to a nationwide shortage, the 2016 season has already been predicted as being our best yet. 

Prices soared earlier this year in May with avocados costing over $4 each, due to a myriad of factors including; poor weather, lack of supply, and high exports to Australia. This lead to an underground avocado blackmarket, with thieves stealing from local orchards and selling them on. 

This year NZ Avocado has reported that the industry is set to deliver around 7.6 million trays, double that of last year. Figures released earlier this year showed an increase in popularity for the delicious fruit, with 90,000 more kiwi households purchasing avos compared to previous seasons. 

Critic talked to avocado lovers around campus to ask how they best liked to enjoy their avos. Harry Gorringe, a commerce student told Critic that “these days I enjoy the avocado with virtually anything, but usually on a bagel with salmon, capers and a dash of lemon.” Whilst Jack Acland, a law student explained that he “loved avocado on toast, with cracked pepper and tomato.” 

This article first appeared in Issue 21, 2016.
Posted 10:13am Sunday 4th September 2016 by Hugh Baird.