Tesla passes through town without a sound

Tesla passes through town without a sound

The Tesla SP90D electric supercar was on show last week in Dunedin, showcasing the future in the luxury automotive industry. 

Tesla Motor Company was co-founded by Kiwi Ian Wright and has been revolutionary with the introduction of sustainable cars around the world. The Model S, one of the company’s signature vehicles, can travel 500 kilometres on a single charge, and around 400 kilometres of driving will only cost the user approximately $20 worth of electricity.  

Although it is not officially sold in New Zealand yet, Steve West, an electric car enthusiast sourced one from the Netherlands in late 2014. 

Critic spoke to Chris Sadler, an environmentally conscious University of Otago student and avid Tesla enthusiast. Chris described the new Tesla Model S as “effectively a futuristic Ferrari-spaceship-tank that costs a 10th of the usual price, and is good for the climate”, he stressed that the main thing limiting the sales of electric cars in New Zealand and also around the world is the “lack of consumer demand, that stems from a lack of awareness that they are even an option”. 

Chris explains the necessity of electric vehicles becoming the norm, they do not produce carbon dioxide and therefore prevent the warming of our planet, they are dead silent and have fantastic acceleration, plus you can save around $2000 a year due to reduced petrol and servicing costs.  

The Tesla Model S can take a maximum of four hours to charge, however Tesla supercharger stations would cut this time down. Chris noted that Steve West is helping with the setup of fast charging stations around New Zealand, which should alleviate the “range anxiety” for potential electric car consumers.

This article first appeared in Issue 9, 2016.
Posted 10:52am Sunday 1st May 2016 by Georgia Vosper.