Hope for AIDS eradication in Africa disappearing, experts say

Posted 10:51am Sunday 7th August 2016

Hope for the end of AIDS in Africa is disappearing, with recent warnings by health experts suggesting that ‘the end of AIDS by 2030’ is not actually a very achievable goal. The number of infections is rising and the input of funding internationally is declining, possibly due to the Read more...

Trump chooses conservative, homophobic, overly religious running mate

Posted 10:43am Sunday 24th July 2016

Donald Trump has announced Governor of Indiana Mike Pence as his vice-presidential running mate, after he was officially sworn in as the Republican presidential candidate last week.  Politically, Pence is a ‘safe’ choice for Trump, due to his vast legislative and executive Read more...

North Korea seeking peace?

Posted 11:02am Sunday 15th May 2016

Kim Jong-Un has stated that North Korea will not be the first to use Nuclear Weapons. Jong-Un recently declared this at the National Workers’ Party congress, the first congress meeting in more than 35 years.  North Korea has said it will strengthen self-defensive nuclear weapons Read more...

Tesla passes through town without a sound

Posted 10:52am Sunday 1st May 2016

The Tesla SP90D electric supercar was on show last week in Dunedin, showcasing the future in the luxury automotive industry.  Tesla Motor Company was co-founded by Kiwi Ian Wright and has been revolutionary with the introduction of sustainable cars around the world. The Model S, one of the Read more...

University Oval To Expand Capacity

Posted 10:36am Sunday 3rd April 2016

The Dunedin University Cricket Oval is currently in the process of being upgraded. This is to meet the 6000 person minimum capacity that has been set by New Zealand Cricket’s (NZC) requirements for international venues.   On completion the oval will hold more than 6000 people, with the Read more...

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