2016 Presidential Candidates

Critic Has A Yarn

Payal Ramritu

P ayal passionately discussed her neighbourhood project. Critic asked Payal to point out the biggest weakness of each of her fellow candidates, considering she has worked on the executive with all three. She felt Laura could be “intimidating”, Nina was “too young”, and Paul was “unable to look at the bigger picture”. When asked which candidate she would prefer to work under if she were to win Welfare Officer instead, she declined to comment. 

This year Payal has generally been the only one to go against her executive on certain issues, which she said she doesn’t regret. When asked how she would handle an executive member who acted the same, Payal said she would rather the executive have differing opinions and they work through them. 

Payal has spent “zero, zilch, nada, nothing yet” on her campaign so far.

Nina Harrap

Following heavy criticisms of Nina’s policy that she will buy a student bar, we asked how it will be financially feasible. As Dunedin bars are constantly closing due to lack of income, Nina said it will be “more than a bar”. During the week it will also hold events for clubs and they will have to pay a small fee in exchange for discounted drinks as well.  We asked how it will be more financially viable than current bars with discounted drinks going too and she said she had crunched the numbers. Unfortunately she was unable to provide these prior to Critic going to print. 

Nina said she plans to lobby the government and hold protests in order to change legislation to benefit students.

Nina’s campaign video, Shake It Off – Vote Nina for OUSA President 2016, has been viewed more than 500 times on YouTube.

Nina has spent $128.97 on her campaign so far.

Laura Harris

Laura was almost too well prepared for this interview (sorry, guys, we tried to push, but she wouldn’t budge). Laura attempted to run for Education Officer in the by-election earlier this year, but lost to Zachariah Al-Alami. When asked why students would vote for her now when they hadn’t previously, Laura said she has attempted to show students why she would be a good president. 

Laura admitted that she had voted for leaving NZUSA when she was on the executive last year, though said that at the time she expected a new system to be put in place by now. Critic asked Laura to point out a weakness of each of the other candidates, which she said she didn’t want to “engage in”. When asked if she would point out a strength, she also refused. 

Laura has spent $351.87 on her campaign so far.

Paul Hunt

After a year as president, Critic asked Paul what he would do differently considering students lost a seat on the university council this year whilst Victoria University Wellington Students’ Association managed to maintain both seats. Paul said he would begin campaigning earlier and be a bit more ruthless, but wouldn’t go as far as storming the clocktower. 

Paul also refused to answer the question on the other candidates’ weaknesses. When asked if he feels he supported all of the initiatives of his executive, he said he believes he has. We asked if he Paul thinks there’s a risk of being out of touch with students when you’re heading into a second year without study, but he believes he takes more steps than most to ensure he is still in touch with students.  

Paul is running on a ticket with four others and is yet to show us a snazzy video. 

Paul has spent $90 on his campaign so far.

This article first appeared in Issue 25, 2015.
Posted 10:57am Sunday 27th September 2015 by Laura Munro.