Young Politician | Issue 07

Curwen Rolinson of NZ First

A great man once said that just because you might not care about politics ... was no surefire guarantee that politics doesn’t care about you.

Regrettably, if you look around our politics today, it seems *exactly* like Kiwi politics doesn’t care about us. I mean, look at the choices. Labour (who first imposed tertiary education fees) seems mostly to care about who’s leading Labour. National (who took away your student allowance) look like they care most about their rich mates. Meanwhile, the Maori Party has a clear race-based focus, and ACT just cares if you’re a rich white male in the Epsom electorate.

NZ First is different. Our dedication to the people of New Zealand is right there in our name. We put the “hard work” back in Labour, and the “ise” back in National. Come 2014, we *will* begin regaining ownership of Kiwi assets; campaign hard for a Universal Student Allowance & reduced fees; and ensure that no matter what race you are, we’ll help you win.

NZ First is committed to delivering that. Because we care.
This article first appeared in Issue 7, 2014.
Posted 4:50pm Sunday 6th April 2014 by Curwen Rolinson.