William Tell, apparently not such a fantastic shot after a tray of SoGos

William Tell, apparently not such a fantastic shot after a tray of SoGos

In a continuation of the gratuitous violence that has plagued Dunedin in recent weeks, a man was shot in the foot with a crossbow during an alcohol-fuelled incident in the suburb of Mornington. A 54-year-old male required surgery to remove a crossbow bolt from his foot after a 51-year-old acquaintance shot him for reasons unknown.

The two were reportedly sharing a drink at the end of the working week when things got out of hand. Dunedin police are still investigating exactly what happened during the course of the evening, although it can be confirmed that the assailant was arrested later that night on a nearby property still carrying the crossbow used in the shooting.

A spokesperson for Dunedin police said that incidents involving crossbows were rare, but he could recall a few instances where they had been deployed as weapons in the recent past.

Critic turned to the streets for a student perspective. One Castle Street resident, who declined to be named, told Critic that he was very impressed. “Man, those guys are really taking it up a level.”

What exactly they were taking up a level remains unclear, but the student’s gleeful reaction indicates that copycat shootings are significantly likely in the student area. Residents should take basic safety precautions like wearing heavy plate armour or steering clear of people brandishing crossbows.

Crossbow hunting is a popular pastime for outdoorsy-type New Zealanders. This, or a pathological desire to hurt people, may explain why the man had access to a crossbow in the first place. Many hunters see crossbow hunting as more of a challenge than traditional firearm hunting. For instance, crossbow hunting involves significantly more stalking of the prey, which hunting types (and sexual deviants) apparently like.

When asked if any students were storing crossbows in the Proctor’s on-campus weapon safe, Campus Watch refused to comment. Critic speculates that they were either unwilling to aid the spread of any crossbow-related violence to the sleepy suburbs of North Dunedin, or that members of Campus Watch were planning to use said crossbows to put down future Castle Street distrubances. The former is more likely, but the latter would make for a great follow-up story.
The arrested man will face charges in the Dunedin District Court.
This article first appeared in Issue 2, 2012.
Posted 4:53pm Sunday 4th March 2012 by Gus Gawn.