A Fond Farewell to L.Hotel

A Fond Farewell to L.Hotel

The OUSA band brings things to an end

On Thursday, March 14th, we all received a gutting post notification (we have ours on at least) from L. Hotel announcing a ‘CYA L8TER NZ Tour’. The tour marks the last chance for fans and haters (kidding, everyone loves them) to say goodbye to the “tax-evading, gluten-free idiots.” 

L.Hotel — previously called ‘The Shitz’ — are unique in the sense that they are almost entirely formed of OUSA staff, aside from front man Jono Everts. Bassist Dave Borrie works as R1’s programme director, drummer Angus Cleland works for the OUSA events team, and guitarist Mitchell Sizemore works as OUSA’s digital marketing coordinator. L.Hotel pretty much live and breathe each other.

To discuss why the band are calling it quits, Critic Te Ārohi walked across the hall to have a yarn with Dave Borrie about the move. He told us, “It’s been a good run, but I’m moving to Melbourne. We could keep going […] but when you’re doing live shows without one of the members, it’s better to burn out than fade away.” Although admitting he knew it was coming, Borrie still loves the times he has spent with his bandmates and, more importantly, his friends. Cue chorus of “awws”.

The band’s last ever Ōtepoti show will be on April 5th at The Crown, with Emily Alice and Ani Saafa. “They are awesome bands we love playing with every time,” said Dave. Their last ever show will be in Queenstown, April 27th. Dave clarifies that, while there won’t be any more shows after this, there will be an EP. “It won’t be the last you hear of us.” 

Dave is very thankful to every fan who has ever been to one of their shows, even if it was “shit” (pun intended). “We have so much fun playing, we are going to miss playing. I’m going to miss Dunedin, there will always be a massive L. Hotel shaped hole in my heart.” Although never employed by OUSA, Dave attributed much of the band’s success to lead singer and songwriter Jono Everts: “He is the most incredible songwriter and incredible guy. It wouldn’t be possible without him. If you see him in the streets, tell him thanks.”

Critic Te Ārohi also approached students to ask how they feel about L. Hotel disbanding. A student named Nick replied with “I don’t know who that is honestly.” Well, you do now.

This article first appeared in Issue 5, 2024.
Posted 3:25pm Saturday 23rd March 2024 by Jordan Irvine.