I Am The Girl

I am the girl who never called the police

Never said a word didn’t cry didn’t scream

A good little girl taught to keep the peace,

Told staying silent was best for me

Society made sure my tongue stayed tied

Just stay silent, run and hide.

Who would believe what I had to say

I sent the invite to come and stay

I placed my trust in a friend

Of course it was my fault in the end.


I am the girl who never fought back

It isn’t always as easy as that.

I didn’t bite nor punch nor kick

It’s safer they said just to accept it.

I never consented, I made that clear

But he never really seemed to care

The NO I gave met deafened ears

As he became the monster in my fears

Just stay silent so you survive

I was well aware of his violent side.


I am the girl who was scared to jump

Living eight floors up and out of luck

Hating myself more and more each day

Thought it was my fault he treated me that way

I had to relearn how to love myself

It took me time to regain my health

Now I know it was never my fault

He was the one who chose the assault

He stole a voice never given to me

I won’t be silenced again I guarantee


I am the girl who is standing strong

I know now that he was wrong

Please remember that no means no

Not ‘wait a second’ then have another go.

Consent is required it’s the fucking law

Of that we can all be very sure

If someone hurts you, you’re not to blame

Your abuser should be who hides in shame

Choosing your silence is still okay

My fight it for you to scared to say.

This article first appeared in Issue 20, 2019.
Posted 9:30pm Saturday 17th August 2019 by Theodora Morris .