FOLD: Nauseatingly dark but shockingly good theatre

FOLD: Nauseatingly dark but shockingly good theatre

If you’re a fan of Netflix’s Black Mirror, look no further. Jo Randerson's FOLD mixes nauseating unease, with unexpected bursts of satirical humour.


This dark kiwi comedy is exceptional. FOLD is the type of theatre which leaves you still entrances two hours after the show. The themes of privilege and pretension continued to haunt my thoughts ‘surely people that heartless don’t actually exist… Oh Shit. Maybe I am that person.’


Directed by Alex Wilson, FOLD introduces the audience to five acquaintances. Who love nothing more than exchanging random presents, talking about nothing in particular and listening to elevator music. Any topic of discomfort or seriousness meets the same fate. A gut-wrenchingly long pause, broken with hysterical laughter and inappropriate jokes.


The actors worked seamlessly together. Their Impeccable synchronized reactions enhanced the robotic effect of the characters.


Stands out conversations topics ranged from the discussion of rape “Oh it doesn’t exist it, if you don’t let it”. To a luxurious holiday tainted by unhygienic starving Africans.


With a content warning, it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. Addressing aspects including sexual assault, violence, abandonment, disability and mental health issues.


But for all theatre, sociology and philosophy students, FOLD has more than enough material to ace your upcoming essays. Even the skin crawling set included static televisions screens and dirty white furniture.


The show will run from February 28 to March 3 at Allen Hall Theatre.


FOLD is the first play from Dunedin’s new theatre company, Arcade Theatre. Led by artistic director Alex Wilson, ‘Arcade’ strives to provide a platform for young actors to be involved in audacious, adventurous theatre works.





This article first appeared in Issue 1, 2018.
Posted 5:33pm Thursday 1st March 2018 by Kate Skinner.