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QT – Hey QT

QT is a project by a pair of artists known as Sophie and A.G. Cook. I'm not quite sure how to aptly describe this track, except does anyone remember that song “Barbie Girl” by Aqua? Well, if you don't, listen to this track and it might jog your memory. It's not quite as melodically infectious, but it's ear confectionary nonetheless. “Hey QT” manages to be an interesting mix of electro, pop and chip-tune. A quirky breath of fresh air in a sometimes quite uninteresting pop world.

Run The Jewels – Blockbuster Night Part One

Run The Jewels are comprised of American hip-hop artists El-P and Killer Mike. After releasing their self titled debut last year, the duo return with “Blockbuster Night Part 1,” the single to their upcoming release, aptly titled Run The Jewels 2. The track is a militant stomping ground for beastly verse and boasts a stirring, paranoid synth line. Pretty much the song indicates that Run The Jewels won't put up with shit because they are dope. It's great because they are 100 per cent right.

Pallbearer – The Ghost I Used To Be

Formed in 2008 in Little Rock, Arkansas, Pallbearer released their first full-length album only two years ago. A gripping, interesting doom metal record. “The Ghost I Used To Be” comes from the group's sophomore album, Foundations of Burden – a massive record with earth shattering guitars. This track in particular draws from classic metal bands such as Black Sabbath, and melds woeful singing and epic instrumentation into an engrossing experience.

Wand – Flying Golem

Wand is a psychedelic garage band hailing from Los Angeles. “Flying Golem” is a track from the group's debut release, Ganglion Reef. Consisting of howling guitars and nasal, reverb drenched vocals, “Flying Golem” has all the ingredients of a great psychedelic classic, reminiscent of those 60s nuggets from the first psychedelic invasion.

Failed Flowers – Summer Vacation

Failed Flowers are an indie pop band hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan. “Summer Vacation” comes from the band’s first release, Demos. Lo-fi as it may be, “Summer Vacation” is a well-needed blast of summer pop. Though some people feel the whole beach pop thing has probably been overdone as of late, I still do enjoy a good song that exudes good vibes and sunshine.
This article first appeared in Issue 22, 2014.
Posted 11:52pm Sunday 7th September 2014 by Adrian Ng.