The Deadly Ponies Gang

The Deadly Ponies Gang

Director: Zoe McIntosh

Rialto Cinema - Moray Place
Friday 23 August 12.30pm
Sunday 25 August 2.15pm

This documentary follows very-best mates Clint and Dwayne: the sole two members of the Deadly Ponies Gang. The Deadly Ponies are not exactly a conventional gang. No cars, no motorbikes: these two fellas go full cowboy style on their pimped-out equine steeds. By pimped out I mean glittered, bejewelled, sunglass-clad and spray painted. Pimp My Ride watch out!

Director Zoe McIntosh stresses that this film should not be confused for a mockumentary. The Deadly Ponies are no Spinal Tap. Dwayne and Clint are an honest couple of West Aucklanders who are something of local legends where they roam. The film follows their real-life journey as they endeavour to raise funds to get Dwayne a brand new set of teeth. It involves a little weed dealing, Christmas parading, and some horse-back rapping at the “Help My Mate Dwayne Get Some Teeth Gig” which was held on Ponsonby Road in May.

Dwayne and Clint also express concern over whether they should let a third member into the gang. Their friend Kody is keen, but they don’t want the fact that he’s Maori to disrupt their super-fly white boy status. Also, Kody is just 12. They decide they had best give him a little growing time.

McIntosh worked with a very small crew to deliver this film, and is hoping to take it overseas after the NZ International Film Festival. Although the humour is distinctly Kiwi, it also has great potential for international circulation.

This film will guarantee you some dead-pan laughs, with a strong sense of Kiwi humour. Clint and Dwayne are described as naturally Flight-of-the-Conchords-esque, with awkwardness and faith in their super-coolness on level pegging. As well as providing comedy, this film promises to be highly captivating. Clint is praised for his ability to engage the audience and foster their understanding of this unconventional way of life. Overall this documentary will deliver you some laughs, some warmth, and some open mindedness. “The best ode to bromance I’ve seen in years” (Darren Bevan).
This article first appeared in Issue 19, 2013.
Posted 2:29pm Sunday 11th August 2013 by Amber Pullin.