Titanic (3D)

Titanic (3D)

Director: James Cameron

Titanic appreciators should definitely go and experience this classic film in 3D. Seeing Titanic for the first time in years was enjoyably nostalgic, despite the slight cringe factor of the cheesy lines and the accompanying Celine Dion soundtrack. I got far more involved in it than I thought I would.

Writing a synopsis of this film seems a tad pointless – if you haven’t already seen Titanic you’re missing out on some vital pop culture! But just in case – the film is about Rose (Kate Winslet), a beautiful upper-class woman travelling on the HMS with a fiancé she secretly detests. A suicide attempt results in her meeting (and inevitably falling for) Jack Dawson (Leonardo Dicaprio), a poor artist.

Admittedly, much of the dialogue and events are very unrealistic and it’s difficult at times not to feel like you’re being hit over the head with obvious moralistic themes about the human condition. However, I really didn’t mind. I loved Titanic as a kid when it first came out. I remember seeing it at the movies with my Dad and being completely in awe of the historic tragedy that it was, and a little bit embarrassed by the love story. Re-watching it, it is easy to see that it truly is just a Hollywood blockbuster, albeit with grandiose surrounding hype. Maybe it’s just the young Leo and a ridiculously smoking Kate, but I have a soft spot for this film, and I know others who might admit it too. Maybe.

I feel like it should be pointed out that Titanic is three and half hours long – which is long, and an especially long time to be watching a 3D film (not that I personally had an issue with this). It therefore could be a tad draining for some. Happy nostalgia everyone!

Michaela Hunter
This article first appeared in Issue 8, 2012.
Posted 5:04pm Sunday 22nd April 2012 by Michaela Hunter.