Cult Film of the Week: Taffin (1988)

Director: Francis Megahy
Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Ray McAnally,
Alison Doody

Taffin resided in relative obscurity until early this year when the Adam & Joe Show unearthed what has since become an internet meme – Pierce Brosnan, as the title character Taffin, screaming: “Then maybe you shouldn’t be living heeeeeeere!” This line is hilarious and fun to reenact yourself while at home or in public. But I needed more; surely a movie that produced such comic gold would be worth a look in? And look in I did.
Set in a small town in Ireland, the film is aesthetically similar to an episode of Agatha Christie or Poirot, combined with the environmental consciousness of a Steven Segal movie. For, you see, a chemical company want to set up shop in Taffin’s little village, but the locals want no chemical plant in their backyard. With peaceful protest and law-abiding resulting in sweet FA, the locals (of which there appear to be about six) enlist the help of renegade Taffin, who is willing to do some arm twisting/breaking for the right amount of money.
The “action” of this wee action film isn’t that flashy, and starts off with a bit of a whiz-bang punch up that seems mostly forced, a bit rigid and mostly dubbed which I, as a general rule, find quite funny. Then there’s a shoot out or two but again, pretty tame. Even if the film isn’t as action packed as the flame-covered poster might have you believe, it does have a couple of explosions to keep you interested.
Like I mentioned before, the film reminds one of an Agatha Christie murder mystery and plays out in much the same way, gently rolling along. As such it’s perfect for a lazy Sunday with a nice hot cuppa.


Posted 4:27am Monday 5th September 2011 by Ben Blakely.