ODT Watch | The Week the ODT Let Themselves Down

We’re disappointed in the ODT this week. They missed an obvious pun.

Alternative headline: “Post shops to become post-post shops.” Are you ok Barry (I assume your name’s Barry)? Is your strained relationship with your wife and your growing isolation from your children starting to take its toll on your puns?   



In other news, the ducks are winning, 

 “Cor blimey, we never expected them to fight back,” said one rural duck shooter, in how we imagine rural people sound like. 



Next,  “Wow. A whole bridge!” said a resident of what ever shithole this story’s about (we couldn’t bring ourselves to read the article). “Not just half a bridge, like we usually get, wait until the Independent Voice of the South hear this!” 



Update: the ODT’s opinion section is only becoming weirder. 

The only thing Catholicism is more charismatic than is Protestantism, and even a used condom (take that Popey boi) is more charismatic than Protestantism. 



And finally, the ODT have gotten over their hump and are coming back strong with their signature puns that reference outdated sayings.  



This article first appeared in Issue 12, 2018.
Posted 9:07pm Thursday 17th May 2018 by Charlie O’Mannin.