Editorial | Issue 24

Editorial | Issue 24

Taking care of yourself

When occupying a space, any space, we need to think about the impact we have on those around us, and the wider world. This means our homes, our workplace, where we study, and any environment we inhabit. 

This week in Critic we’ve got four features looking at the impact humans have on the world around them, from introducing predatory mammals like cats to New Zealand’s, damaging precious life in the ocean by dumping waste and a feature dedicated to ecological issues in New Zealand. 

The problems discussed in these features have been brought about because of humans and the decisions we have historically made. At the time, we didn’t care, understand or consider the consequences of those actions and decisions. This isn’t only a problem in New Zealand, but a global issue. However, right now we have a better understanding of our impact both locally and globally, so we can do something. And do something we should. 

The fourth feature this week offers tips and advice for addressing some of these environmental problems. It presents ways you can change your lifestyle in order to help the world survive, and us along with it. The crucial thing to understand is that by taking care of the world and taking care of the people, creatures and life around us - we are inherently taking care of ourselves. By protecting the world, we are protecting our future here. It is in our own best interest to make a difference to how we behave, and to monitor the impact we have on the world. 

Last week the National Cat Management Strategy Group released a draft document put together by a dedicated group of people from multiple backgrounds choosing to do something about an existing problem. The week before, the university chose to divest from fossil fuels after students have dedicated time and campaign energy into this issue. These initiatives are brought about by people doing something collectively and by standing up and acknowledging that the problem exists in the first place, then taking some form of action. 

We students can influence and change the world around us. We can make it a better place. We can help others, be it human or animals. We can take care of ourselves, and our future in Aotearoa.

Anonymous Bird

Sub Editor

This article first appeared in Issue 24, 2016.
Posted 9:51am Saturday 24th September 2016 by Anonymous Bird.