Dear Ethel | Issue 22

Dear Ethel | Issue 22


Dear Ethel,

My car just failed its warrant of fitness and I can’t afford the $220 it’s going to cost to get it repaired. I need my car because I’m living in Brockville and the buses are terrible and super expensive. Any ideas?

-Wheelin’, not dealin’


Dear Wheelin’, not Dealin’

Cars are very useful but they can be a financial drain! The good news is that there is some help available. Get yourself onto the OUSA webpage and fill out an application for the OUSA Hardship Fund (you’ll find that under the ‘Support’ tab). This fund is available to all students and, if it’s approved, you will get a one-off payment of $250.

Don’t forget about the OUSA foodbank either—drop into 5 Ethel Benjamin Place and pick up a food pack. That will at least save you a few dollars that you can put towards your car repairs.

While car repairs do not generally fall under the category of ‘Emergency’, it is worth knowing that there is a University Emergency Fund available for one-off financial assistance in certain circumstances. If you want to know more about the Emergency Fund, please come and have a chat to an advocate at OUSA Student Support. They’ll be able to advise whether the fund might be available to you and will prepare an application for you if it’s appropriate.

You might also want to consider getting yourself some budget advice from the good folks at Dunedin Budgeting Service, based in Community House, Moray Place. It is a really useful thing to do, and if you are in severe financial hardship, Budgeting Service can connect you with other financial resources that aren’t available elsewhere. They can also help you apply for the electricity fund, a Dunedin City Council grant that provides one-off assistance with an electricity bill. Every little bit counts!

There may be other ways that we can assist as well, so it’s probably best if you drop in and have a chat to one of the friendly advocates at OUSA Student Support. 

Best of luck with getting your car back on the road!

Whole lotta love, 

-Ethel xox

This article first appeared in Issue 22, 2016.
Posted 12:10pm Saturday 10th September 2016 by Student Support.