Soapbox - 15

Take your ghetto, and fuck off!

Would you like to know what I realised recently? I fucking hate Scarfies. I really do. It’s weird to say that because I am a uni student myself, but you guys are a serious blight on society. It’s got to the point where I’m actually embarrassed to identify myself as one of you. None of you seem to realise that when you go from high school to university, the general idea is that you become more mature, not the other way around. You are a bunch of immature gits with a vague notion of self importance, and frankly, I’m sick of you. The Uni may as well be a clown college for all the respect you give it.
The thing I don’t understand is that you all seem to enjoy perpetuating this ‘drunken fuckwit’ culture. It’s like you’re proud of the fact that the rest of Dunedin hates you. You set up street parties and keg races for what seems to be the simple purpose of creating as much havoc as possible! And for what? A bit of a laugh? 
“Haha oi bro, grab that couch, we’ll set it on fire!”
"Aw fuck yeah man, that’ll be funny as!"
 Wow, and you really think the public are going to trust people like you to defend them in court, operate on their children, or organise their finances? Think again, ‘bro’. 
Because of you lot, I’m stuck in a cold, shitty flat, surrounded by even more cold, shitty flats. I dodge piles of broken glass when I walk to Uni each day, and I get to witness each new case of vandalism that has appeared since the previous day. The landlords don’t give a shit, and the housing commission’s not too fussed, because all you seem to care about is getting wasted and breaking shit. You think you’re hard because you’ve created this ghetto environment around the Uni and you’re all rebellious and shit. You’re not. You’re just a bunch of white-collar kids wasting everyone’s time and money. I’m sick of being associated with you. Grow up. You’re not the only people in Dunedin. The city does not exist for the sole purpose of acting as your personal playground. Police and firemen actually have other things to do apart from just putting out couch fires and cleaning up your mess. People other than Scarfies have a right to live here too. You’re a guest in Dunedin, their city. Not the other way around. Have some respect.
Lucky for you, a sense of responsibility isn’t mandatory for attending uni. I don’t know whether it’s because of the alcohol-induced memory loss, or just that you really don’t care, but none of you seem to be able to take responsibility for your actions. You whine like a pack of bitches when the University shuts down Gardies, rather than realising that the University is one of the only institutions that has your back. They’re just trying to ensure your degree will actually be worth something when you leave.
They say that going to university is about becoming educated, but seriously, when are you guys going to learn?

Posted 12:13am Monday 12th July 2010 by Urich Hunt .