The Tory Templar | Issue 14

Romney for President

Oh how quickly “Yes We Can” becomes “No We Can’t”. A mere four years ago liberals the world over were hailing Brack Obama as a great orator, a great statesman, our hope for the future. Today we can look back on four years of failure. For all his talk Obama has achieved very little. The Templar stands behind Mitt Romney, conqueror of this man’s favoured candidate Rick Santorum, to put America right.

Obama came to power promising to fix Capitol Hill. The economy had tanked and the Bush years were crawling to an end. Obama promised change. He promised to kickstart the economy with new jobs and new investment. Fast forward four years. Obama’s socialist agenda, full to the brim with handouts, has seen debt balloon to $15 trillion. That’s an extra $5 trillion of debt in four years. Obama has spent the world’s biggest economy into the gutter.

Maybe the president should have spent more time doing and less time talking. Sure, his campaign inspired a nation, but he never got down to the hard work of being president. Obama never switched out of campaign mode. His need for attention and catchy slogans have seen him neglect his real job – running the nation. Obama has replaced the former greatness of the Oval Office with meaningless photo ops and crummy slogans that hide his inadequacy as a leader and legislator.

The Templar won’t, and you shouldn’t, stand for the destruction of fundamental values in the face of economic strife. When good hardworking people were looking for strong leadership in the face of adversity, Obama trotted out socialist glory projects. He made a mockery of the anti-abortion laws, and allowed social decay to permeate the legislation of a once-great power. Obama not only sought to legalise abortion, he has become an architect of the destruction of the sanctity of marriage. Obama’s term as president has been four years of wish-washy pandering to sandal-wearing, pot-smoking liberals with agendas. It has crippled the social structures of a once great society.

The Templar knew the glory-hunting liberals would be found out. He stands behind a candidate for strong values, morals, and business acumen. We must unite behind a force for social and economic good. We should shelve the socialist agenda of the Obama years and realise that “Yes We Can” wasn’t a slogan of hope, but a call for destruction. The Templar backs Romney to fix the mess come November.

–The Tory Templar
This article first appeared in Issue 14, 2012.
Posted 8:39pm Sunday 3rd June 2012 by The Tory Templar.