The Tory Templar | Issue 8

On Paid Parental Leave

The National Government has vetoed the idea of six monthsí paid parental leave, saying $150 million a year is spent on PPL provisions already and more is unaffordable. This government is not big on extending any kind of benefit, especially in the current economic climate. The Templar believes this just makes good sense for New Zealandís future.

It comes down to simple economics. We are in a recession and canít afford to extend our bloated welfare system. Families need to make their own sacrifices. We need to stop holding the cup out and start taking responsibility for our own families first. Maybe instead of racking up your weight in gold in hire purchases you might do some financial planning so you are prepared to raise a family.

The Templar can see the crushing weight of tax under which we all are forced to live. If this country doesnít wake up and realise that you canít keep spending taxpayersí money the way it has been then we will end up in the same boat as the PIGS economies. Any increase in paid parental leave will mean more borrowing, more debt and more problems. If you make a decision to have children then the choice is yours; donít expect the taxpayer who has already reared their children to subsidise your lifestyle. Why should those that make the necessary financial arrangements and commitments be penalised by those who donít?

When these women and men leave for their six months of paid parental leave, business costs are increased through the need to hire a temporary worker, whilst keeping the job open for the man or woman on leave. This lowers business confidence and decreases job security. The chance for forward planning is further reduced. The costs of doing business will go through the roof with this plan and we donít want that. In the USA you get 12 weeks of unpaid leave. You read that right, 12 and unpaid. The Templar suggest people be thankful for what we have.

Childcare, not parental leave, is what parents want and need. We should be putting more money into educating our young children rather than just increasing another benefit. If we invest the money saved from keeping paid parental leave as is, in childcare we can see a radically improved early childhood system that would ultimately benefit the country long term. That is progress.

Tory Templar
This article first appeared in Issue 8, 2012.
Posted 5:04pm Sunday 22nd April 2012 by The Tory Templar.