The Tory Templar | Issue 3

On the Uruwera Trials

New Zealand’s own terror trials have started. They began with a mini version of Survivor which saw the suspects whittled down to the “real bad guys”. And now resident “rent-a-protestor” John Minto has got on board. If the Templar had a dollar for every half-arse cause John got on board with he’d be able to retire.
Minto reckons the actions of the police promote a climate of fear. Surely having gun-wielding maniacs trying to get their own nation would be pretty terrifying in itself.

Tuhoe want their own sub-nation? The Templar just doesn’t get it. If you want the benefits of being part of NZ, then you should commit to living within the ideals of NZ, and that means unity.

Whilst those Americans have liberal gun laws where you can run around with any sort of weapon you want, that is not the case here. We have different rules here, and such actions completely disregard the longstanding traditions and social conventions of this country. We will never be able to foster a one-community, one-culture tradition if anyone can so publicly flaunt our laws.

Let’s ask ourselves a wholly simple question. Had this group been Al-Qaeda rather than Tuhoi, would this even be an issue? I think not. Clearly a group which planned to use a campaign of violence to get want they want is childish, criminal and damn-near barbaric. It doesn’t matter what they want, they broke the laws of this country and should be punished. Any method the police used to stop such crime and ensure such punishment is fine by me.

The lawyers representing the remaining accused claim that police were up to their old tricks by recording them in their balaclavas waving weapons around and running about with Molotov Cocktails. Can we tolerate behaviour that is so against New Zealand’s culture purely because it involves the issue of indigenous sovereignty? The Templar thinks not. In fact the issue of social injustice in this country will never be solved if the downtrodden take to rising up like a bunch of cartoon Marxists every time they don’t get quite the leg up they want.

The Templar gives the New Zealand police a pat on the back for their tactics, cheeky though they were. Everyone has the right to bear arms but no one has the right to flip the bird at this country’s long standing ideals. Tuhoe need to work with the system to create one functioning community rather than try to create multiple dysfunctional ones.

– The Tory Templar
This article first appeared in Issue 3, 2012.
Posted 6:37pm Sunday 11th March 2012 by The Tory Templar.