The Tory Templar | Issue 12

On The Stadium

Whilst the world worries about whether the Eurozone will last the month, and the rest of New Zealand worries whether our women are truly the sluts that Colin Craig claims they are, we here in Dunedin are rather preoccupied with a certain fiberglass-like structure. Yes, the stadium, built as the symbol of a new era for Dunedin where students and locals alike could gather to create an atmosphere many in the world would envy. But whatís that you say? Not everyoneís happy? Itís a white elephant? Bollocks!

The fuss has all risen from DMVLís admission that it will make a $2.4 million loss for this year. But it notes that this includes a late opening, no rugby world cup money, and an economic climate the likes of which has not been seen for many a decade. It also said that it would like make profits to the tune of $91,000 this year and follow that with profits in 2013 and 2014. This is no white elephant. Yes the initial costs are high but the long-term economic benefits of having a world class stadium are immeasurable. The truth is that this very week a new hotel is being talked of. The Templar is sure that this is in no small part thanks to the world-class venue we now have.

But the stadium represents more than just a bright economic future of concerts, sporting events and conferences. It is the true unifier of a (if weíre quite honest) divided city. The stadium has brought students and the greater community together. We are at last partners in a venture whose success rises and falls on our continued support. Together we have become stakeholders in this bright future. Surely that is something to be thankful for? Surely we should rejoice that this stadium could start to mend, in some small way, a quite fractured relationship? Students are attending games, OUSA are holding events and all players seem happy with the stadium. Long before we will know the true dollar value of this venture, we have seen the social value. Again, this is no white elephant. It is a symbol of hope for a united future.

The Templar truly believes that we all need to get behind DVML, Forsyth Barr, and all stakeholders involved. The potential of this venue is enormous. Besides itís done now, get behind it or bugger off. We wonít make a success of this if we are obsessed with its failure, thatís for sure.

Ė The Tory Templar
This article first appeared in Issue 12, 2012.
Posted 7:58pm Sunday 20th May 2012 by The Tory Templar.