Swillable | Issue 13

Swillable | Issue 13

Pisco Sour

This week I thought I’d review an interesting little cocktail that I came across via a Peruvian accquaintance of a friend’s sister. The Pisco Sour is the most popular way of consuming Pisco, a Peruvian spirit produced through the distillation of fermented grapes. Its conception was the result of Spanish settlers’ desire to no longer be reliant on the importation of spirits all the way from home, a piss-money-saving solution to which any home-brewing scarfie can relate. The result was an interesting and very tasty drink that has risen in popularity in its native land.

The Pisco Sour is made by combining half a cup of Pisco with two tablespoons of egg white, four tablespoons of sugar, a dash of bitters and the juice of a lime. The ingredients are blended together and poured over crushed ice. The drink was invented by an American bartender in Lima during the 1920s. It quickly rose to prominence among the Peruvian upper class, and became popular over the following century. The result is a deceptively potent lime cocktail that looks like a cup full of semen. It took my friend a solid 10 – 15 min to convince me that he wasn’t fucking with me and I should give it try.

It was actually pretty good. A nice smooth cocktail with that delicious limey after-taste. The ingredients do a great job of making the drink taste like it contains far less alcohol than it actually does, an essential quality of any great cocktail. The jizzy appearance and consistency also provided a great deal of banter amongst those partaking, adding to the fun factor.

Despite my initial skepticism, due in no small part to the drink’s appearance and the inclusion of egg white, I actually really enjoyed the Pisco Sour. It was a refreshing addition to our “round the world” night of drinking, spicing up the usual selection of tequila shots, wine, beer and sake. The Pisco Sour takes a bit of effort to make and I haven’t investigated the logistics of obtaining more Pisco, but if you feel the urge to try something new I suggest you give it a go.

Your boy,

– Pillbo Swaggins
This article first appeared in Issue 13, 2012.
Posted 7:40pm Sunday 27th May 2012 by Pilbo Swaggins.