The Tory Templar | Issue 2

On Abortion

The Templarís blood boils when thinking about this issue. It is the one thing on which no compromise exists. The act of abortion may have become more acceptable in this countryís culture but the Templar will never be anything other than disgusted by it.

Abortion is, in no uncertain terms, the destruction of human life. It is horrifying that a society which punishes the smallest of crimes would turn a blind eye to the biggest act of murder in this country. No civilised society that The Templar knows of finds it acceptable to allow the intended harm or taking of a life of another. Yet in this society we are quite accepting of women who have multiple abortions as though itís like getting a mole removed! Disgusting!

And to those young women who are going to complain that they are entitled to full control over their bodies, let the Templar ask you this: does full control not include preventing the risk of an unwanted pregnancy? Maybe if these women acted more responsibly through the use of contraception or, dare the Templar mention it, abstinence then they wouldnít be in their situation to begin with.

Do these women not care about their own bodies? You would think if they knew that abortion could lead to medical complications, risk of ectopic pregnancies or increasing the chance of miscarriage they wouldnít want to take the life of their unborn child. Yes, in cases most horrid the desire to abort is huge. But why punish an unborn child for a crime it did not commit? Why ruin a childís future before it has even begun? Why rob the world of a potential citizen before it has had the chance to experience life? Other options exist!

The Templar knows there are people out there who yearn for a family but are unable to have one. There are potential adoptive parents waiting in the wings who could give your unborn child a great life. Abortion is inherently selfish. You are not thinking about your child, or those without children, you are thinking only about yourself. Besides, most women choosing abortions are too young to realise what they are doing, and experience lifelong regret afterwards. What it comes down to is that an abortion cannot be undone, and the loss of life can never be justified.
This article first appeared in Issue 2, 2012.
Posted 4:53pm Sunday 4th March 2012 by The Tory Templar.