Takeaways: Week 9

Takeaways: Week 9


Scarfies film
Arguably the film that took the cult from Dunedin student culture and put it next to classic, Scarfies encompasses the student experience: a shithouse flat, copious alcohol consumption, drugs, kidnappings (maybe not this one but shit happens yk), and rounds it out with a chase scene backdropped by a beautiful Dunedin winter skyline (AKA grey and fucking miserable looking). 


Last Thursdayism
The idea goes that the universe was created last Thursday with the appearance of being a lot older. But if it just appears to be older, who’s to say it isn’t younger? Last Thursdayism is also the ultimate excuse for doing naught shy of fuck all: you can’t prove that the whole world wasn’t created last Thursday, so don’t do that assignment, skip that lecture, turn off your alarm and roll over – the odds are good enough for me.


RNZ’s ‘The Detail’ Spotify podcast
Don’t want to listen to the actual news but want to sound smart? Peep game and lock in to this absolute banger, which will take up about twenty minutes of your time on the walk to campus, covering one topic and going on a daily deep dive. Absolutely worth doing the day you plan on ringing the olds so you have something to discuss that their news watching selves will be aware of (for brownie points etc.).


Mid-week pub crawl
Yeah it's just that. You hit U-Bar for the first act, then branch out towards your flat, stopping at every pub, brewery, hole in the wall, and any other word for licensed premises that aren't on that short list. Bonus points if you have a drink at all of them. Critic recommends U-Bar>Woof>Craic>U-Bar for the best experience.


The homies
It's that time of year again: the beginning of winter and miserable weather, cold damp days and all that gloominess, so check in on the bros. Have a movie night, an early morning DMC, or a group study sesh. Just be a certified Good Citizen and make sure you are all thriving. 


One week mid-sem breaks
Why can't they be two? Little kids who eat crayons and have nap times get a two week break for their term break, why don't we get one when we are doing strenuous study, late nights doing assignments you forgot, hungover in the middle of the week, and all sorts of other dumb shit. God forbid a motherfucker have time off.

This article first appeared in Issue 9, 2024.
Posted 9:57pm Friday 26th April 2024 by Critic.