EDITORIAL: Sign Up Club Should Absolutely Not Take Over OUSA’s Meeting

Posted 8:42pm Sunday 18th April 2021 by Erin Gourley

I repeat, Sign Up Club should NOT take over the OUSA Student General Meeting that is taking place on Wednesday 21 April at 12pm in Union Hall. It would be VERY BAD if Sign Up Club sent say a hundred members of their pyramid scheme, and their members voted as a bloc making up over 50% of the Read more...

“Sign-tology” on the Rise in Dunedin

Posted 10:19pm Friday 26th March 2021 by Fox Meyer

In a time when our lives are increasingly meaningless, in which we feel evermore like a digital drop in a vast online ocean, Sign Up Club is a beacon of hope. It offers community, it offers connection, it offers meaning. And all at the click of a button. But all is not well in SignUpVille. Above Read more...

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