Covid Rule Changes: What do they mean for Students?

Posted 5:07pm Sunday 27th March 2022 by Annabelle Vaughan

Big changes were made to the Covid-19 rules last Wednesday, from the end of QR codes and vaccine passes to outdoor gathering limits being waved goodbye as soon as this week. But how will this affect students? Critic Te Arohi decided to dive into the new rules to find out.  At a press Read more...

Dunedin Housing and Flat-tening the Curve: Why Omicron Loves your Home

Posted 12:49pm Sunday 13th March 2022 by Fox Meyer

We all know that Dunedin student housing is not exactly the best. So what happens when you introduce a highly transmissible virus to a population that lives in cold, damp flats? Critic wanted to know how our unique housing situation would affect the spread of Omicron in our community, so we reached Read more...

How did you get Covid?

Posted 4:42pm Sunday 6th March 2022 by Elliot Weir

Everyone knows that your current outfit and legal name can predict your susceptibility to viruses, so here’s a quick and easy way to forecast the future of your immune system. Colour of Your Top + Star sign + Third letter of first name  = How you got Covid Colour of the top Read more...

University Shops Struggle With Omicron

Posted 2:58pm Sunday 6th March 2022 by Denzel Chung

The Omicron outbreak has hit Otago Uni’s cafés and food outlets hard. A one-two punch of fewer students on campus and staff shortages have led to financial losses and rolling closures of outlets.  The University Union is like the Pablo Escobar of Dunedin’s campus – Read more...

EDITORIAL: If we had student bars, I bet there’d be less news about party breaches

Posted 2:27pm Sunday 27th February 2022 by Fox Meyer

There is no student bar this year. That’s a first for Dunedin, as far as I can tell.  See, student bars are like whales. In the mid 1800’s, Pākehā settlers set up shop on the peninsula and hunted migrant whales by the boatload until they learned to avoid Dunedin. By the Read more...

Red Light Ragers

Posted 3:40pm Sunday 27th February 2022 by Annabelle Vaughan

If you’re anything like me, chances are you spent all summer yearning and lusting after Flo and O. Those dreams came crashing down for all of us on January 28th when Red Light was announced, putting limits on gatherings and restrictions in place.  Look, I get it. This shit’s Read more...

OUSA Gives out 650 “Gifts of Generosity and Grace”

Posted 2:51pm Sunday 27th February 2022 by Fox Meyer

In less than a week, OUSA has distributed 650 care packages to isolating students across the city. The initiative comes as Omicron rips through the student population in North Dunedin.  These packages are being delivered free of charge to students who are isolating. They contain food staples Read more...

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