Student Did Not Only Take TOUR214 for the Free Wine

Posted 2:03pm Sunday 14th March 2021 by The Critical Tribune

Local student Danny DeVino is the first student in the history of the paper ‘Introduction To Wine Business,’ which includes wine tours and a wine-tasting exam, that isn’t taking the paper solely for the free wine.  When asked for comment, lecturer Chardonnay McGoon was Read more...

Sage Advice | Exams: A Journey into Hades, Examined by the Beast

Posted 12:07pm Saturday 30th September 2017 by Mat Clarkson

“How very little can be done under the spirit of fear.” - Florence Nightingale   This question comes from a loyal reader: “I’m shitting bricks about exams. What are some tips on how to do well in an exam?” Thank you for the question. There is an old saying Read more...

Viability of computerised exams investigated

Posted 2:24pm Monday 15th August 2016 by Joe Higham

Otago University has revealed it is investigating whether widespread use of computer-based examinations (CBE) is a possibility. A Working Group set up by the University includes representatives from the Divisions of Humanities, Health Science, Science, Commerce, and also OUSA, among others. The Read more...

Sleepy second semester students seek secure study space

Posted 2:28pm Monday 15th August 2016 by Joel MacManus

OUSA is hoping to ensure the return of the 24 Hour Study Space for second semester exam time this year. The initiative, which saw the Clubs and Socs building on Albany Street extend its opening hours pasts its usual 10:30pm closing time, was hugely popular among students, who packed out the Read more...

Dear Ethel | Issue 26

Posted 3:46pm Sunday 4th October 2015 by Student Support

Dear Ethel, What’s the story if I can’t sit an exam? My dad recently had an accident and is in intensive care. It looks like I may have to go home to be with him if things get any worse. I’m worried that I’m going to miss my exams. If I have to go home and miss exams, what Read more...

No Smart Watch Bans for Otago Exams

Posted 10:54am Sunday 24th May 2015 by Bridie Boyd

Despite not having any cheating instances with watches to date, Massey University has implemented a ban on all watches for students during examinations. The university said the ban was a reaction to “changing technology”. The watches, recently released by Apple, allow individuals to Read more... Profits Reach Single-Figures

Posted 7:07pm Sunday 1st April 2012 by Callum Fredric

A new website has taken the student mantra “USBs get degrees” to a new level, with students now able to buy and sell notes for their courses online. University of Otago students Hayden Kerrisk (CEO), Mike Arthur (Programmer), and Paul Kibblewhite (Stylist) have created Studyspace, which is basically Read more...

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