Cultivate Me

Posted 6:12pm Thursday 23rd May 2019

Like many people, I have struggled to discover my place in the world. One day some friends were discussing the Manson murders, which provoked an epiphany. I would indeed find my place … in a cult. I immediately set about attempting to join a cult which is defined following Read more...

The Best Places to Cry Around Uni: A Critic Investigation

Posted 6:50pm Thursday 2nd May 2019

Those of you who know me, and that’s hardly anyone, will know that I am a master of rating things. As a serious investigative journalist, I have tirelessly devoted the past fortnight to unravelling the mysteries of crying places, otherwise known as “wet spots”. Also, I had a whole Read more...

Law Camp 2019 Went Pretty Well

Posted 1:20am Friday 12th April 2019

Despite the tragic events of the Christchurch shootings happening the same day, the 2019 second year Law Camp went smoothly, said students. Camp leaders were informed of the Christchurch shootings when the second years arrived at Starters Bar to be transported to the Wairoa Scout Camp, putting a Read more...

The Birds in the Gardens’ Aviary Rated on Their Resemblance to Mariah Carey

Posted 10:14pm Thursday 21st March 2019

Have you ever wanted to be an ornithologist, are you a keen bird watcher, or do you just want to catch the avian flu? Then the aviary at the botanical gardens is the place for you (disclaimer: there’s probably no avian flu at the botans, that was just a joke). “But I've never been Read more...

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