Te Roopū Māori Elect a New Executive

Posted 5:13pm Sunday 6th October 2019

Te Roopū Māori (TRM), the Māori Students Association, has results for their Te Rito executive for 2020. Karamea Pewhairangi was elected as Tumuaki, Miria Te Pou as Kaitiaki Pūtea, Maia Tipene as Kaituhi, Tutawake Dickel-Smith as Communications, Iritana Bennett-Fakahua as Read more...

Milkshake Wrestling, Hypnotists and Buckets of Vomit: A History of O-Week

Posted 9:42pm Thursday 3rd October 2019

O-Week is a beautiful time of the year. Wearing too much body glitter, you meet your first-year boyfriend for the first time in the line for toga, and then proceed to throw up White Rhinos in the Arana bushes for the remainder of the evening. It’s a confusing, smelly time of sex, social Read more...

Marlin’s Dreaming: Electrifying, Witty, and Actually Good

Posted 11:27pm Thursday 26th September 2019

The same day I interviewed Marlin’s Dreaming, Taylor Swift had just released a new album. So overall it was a big day for the Dunedin Sound. Marlin’s Dreaming is a sleepy, mesmerising band consisting of Semisi Maiai (vocals/guitar), Hamish Morgan (percussion) and Oscar Johns (bass). Read more...

Dave Cull: Beautiful Nightmayor

Posted 11:09pm Thursday 26th September 2019

Mayor Dave Cull is a sultry, smooth sultana. His body is hesitantly tanned, his hair windswept to a salt and pepper slick. If I had to liken him to an animal, he would be a seagull. Did I mention he’s an Aries? He greets me warmly and leads me into his office. The door shuts behind us. Read more...

The Dunedin Youth Council

Posted 11:03pm Thursday 26th September 2019

When I was 17 years old, I wore too much eyeliner and thought Benedict Cumberbatch was genuinely attractive. I also joined a fledgling group called the Dunedin Youth Council (DYC). In my two-year term, I witnessed horrific ratepayer spending, chaotic organisation and general unbelievable Read more...

Sincere Shitposting: The Meme Pages Fundraising for Mental Health

Posted 8:56pm Friday 20th September 2019

Lad shitposting is a delicate art form. In the past year or so a renaissance of sorts has risen through the weeds of Facebook algorithms. They love all things beer, caps, DnB, and are typically your average breathas. I mean, shit, some pages even have more likes than Critic Booze Reviews. Lad Read more...

Be PrEPared

Posted 11:39pm Thursday 12th September 2019

If you’ve cried while watching Rami Malek serenade the camera in Bohemian Rhapsody, then it goes without saying that you know how shit HIV is. In the ‘90s, treatment for HIV became available to help treat the virus, which although a lifetime obligation, was treatment nevertheless. But Read more...

Waste Not, Want Not: The Abysmal Food Wastage in Our Halls

Posted 12:05am Friday 6th September 2019

A recent UoO Meaningful Confession claimed to be a kitchen worker at an unspecified college, and mourned having to throw out an outrageous amount of food: “Entire tray of rice? Bin. 15 legs of chicken? Bin. Tray of veggies, salad that has barely been touched, and oohh, that one time I had to Read more...

An Impulse Purchas

Posted 9:55pm Saturday 17th August 2019

Even if you haven’t heard of Sam Purchas, chances are you’ve seen him. When he’s not running unsuccessful campaigns for ACT MP of Dunedin North, he’s strutting around university in bright floral suits, polyester red coats, and paisley shirts. In a town full of Huffer surf Read more...

Nightmare Lives of RAs 2: The Revenge

Posted 8:33pm Sunday 4th August 2019

*Zoe is a Residential Assistants (RA) at a hall of residence owned by the University of Otago. This year, Zoe works at an hourly rate of $17.70, which is minimum wage, for 34 hours a fortnight. Her take-home pay per fortnight is $564, while her hall of residence rent is $690, leaving her with a Read more...

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