An Impulse Purchas

Posted 9:55pm Saturday 17th August 2019

Even if you haven’t heard of Sam Purchas, chances are you’ve seen him. When he’s not running unsuccessful campaigns for ACT MP of Dunedin North, he’s strutting around university in bright floral suits, polyester red coats, and paisley shirts. In a town full of Huffer surf Read more...

Nightmare Lives of RAs 2: The Revenge

Posted 8:33pm Sunday 4th August 2019

*Zoe is a Residential Assistants (RA) at a hall of residence owned by the University of Otago. This year, Zoe works at an hourly rate of $17.70, which is minimum wage, for 34 hours a fortnight. Her take-home pay per fortnight is $564, while her hall of residence rent is $690, leaving her with a Read more...

Stripping for Monet

Posted 8:31pm Sunday 4th August 2019

Like any woman, it’s fair to say I have a complicated relationship with my body. By complicated, I mean a lifelong obsession and torment, and by relationship, I mean the kind where you get left on "seen" by your Tinder date and still tell your friends that it was a Read more...

Swipe for Smack

Posted 1:01am Friday 26th July 2019

Drugs. Most people dabble in these illicit substances at some point, whether out of curiosity, thrill-seeking, peer pressure, or my personal favourite, questionable coping methods. That’s showbiz, baby. But the days of buying drugs from some affable Seth Rogen-type in a dodgy alleyway are Read more...

Critic Reviews the Local Dumpling Joints

Posted 10:22pm Thursday 18th July 2019

The Dumpling Lady aka The Artist Formerly Known As Rising Sun Despite the heavy coverage in this year’s Critic, we are not actually sponsored by DL/TAFKARS, although we wish we were. This is a cheap and cheerful food truck on campus whose success can largely be attributed to the delightful Read more...

The University & The Sexual Misconduct Policy

Posted 12:43am Friday 12th July 2019

Under the new Sexual Misconduct Policy, which was made public at the end of May this year, the University is obligated to “ensure that students are informed of this policy, related resources, and education programmes,”. However, according to Thursdays in Black Otago, the University has Read more...

Students to Watch: Laura Anderson

Posted 11:30pm Thursday 11th July 2019

Laura Anderson found her passion in the most unusual of places, a university paper. While most of us slouch in the back of lectures on Facebook, or are even lucky if we attend the damn thing in the first place, Laura was busy listening and learning. Her 200-level politics paper about political Read more...

University Set to Start Charging for Cup Libraries

Posted 11:22pm Thursday 11th July 2019

In your daily update of ceramic news, the University is set to start charging for use of cup libraries, with borrowers paying $1 to get a cup and on returning it will get $1 off their next coffee purchase. You may have seen the colourful, quirky cup libraries around campus, looking like something Read more...

Sausage with Substance: Fight Night Returns

Posted 11:32pm Thursday 4th July 2019

Tom “The Tank Engine” Tremewan lives up to his name. An aura of childlike mischievousness cascading through a tight, streamlined body of pure mechanical engineering. Much like his fictional counterpart, his tank wasn’t built overnight, but rather through a labour of love for last Read more...

The Eternal Flame of Couch Burning

Posted 7:41pm Thursday 4th October 2018

When I envision how couch burning started in this glorious city we call home, a couple of scenarios go through my mind. Maybe our young hero who, sick of having flat arguments about heat pump usage, had a fit of rage and decided to burn the living room furniture as if to say “Fuck you ya cheap Read more...

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