David Clark | Issue 12

Posted 12:13pm Sunday 22nd May 2016

If continual assessment is the answer, I think we are asking the wrong question.   Our society has an obsession with constant assessment. Unfortunately weighing a pig more often will do nothing to fatten it. If we are wanting great leaders, if we are wanting fundamental science done, and the Read more...

Clark V. Woodhouse | Issue 11

Posted 12:13pm Sunday 15th May 2016

David Clark New Zealanders don’t ask a lot, but there are some things that make us who we are and define our place in the world. We call it the Kiwi dream. It is about opportunities for everyone to succeed, no matter where they live, or how deep their parents’ pockets are. We Read more...

David Clark | Issue 10

Posted 12:28pm Sunday 8th May 2016

When it comes to things sustainable, the Swedes are global leaders in clean tech – just one percent of solid waste goes into landfills – and they’ve got some of the highest clean water standards in the world. We could learn from Sweden. In line with the principles of sustainable Read more...

Clark V. Woodhouse

Posted 11:56am Sunday 1st May 2016

David Clark We are all born helpless.  None of us would survive to adulthood without parents or guardians to ensure we had necessary nurture, food and shelter.  And we’re lucky to be in New Zealand. Everyone has the opportunity to get ahead with the help of publicly funded Read more...

David Clark | Issue 8

Posted 11:59am Sunday 24th April 2016

Until the Panama Papers were released it was believed that two things were certain – death and taxes.  Now it appears just one thing is certain. That’s because the recent release of the Panama Papers has pushed the question of tax-fairness to the top of the agenda once more. Read more...

Clark V. Woodhouse

Posted 11:58am Sunday 17th April 2016

Dr David Clark The government decided to accept 600 additional refugees from Syria last year. As a result, a small cohort of families will soon be arriving in Dunedin from refugee camps in and around Turkey. Most have been in the camps waiting for a very long time, without the resources to Read more...

Clark V. Woodhouse

Posted 11:30am Sunday 3rd April 2016

David Clark Right-wing Governments always scare-monger and say that raising the minimum wage causes job losses.  History tells us otherwise.   In fact, I hazard that there will be a Nobel Prize up for grabs for the economist that can demonstrate the real-world nature of the Read more...

David Clark | Issue 4

Posted 1:18pm Sunday 20th March 2016

Sometimes good things can be achieved from the parliamentary opposition benches. The fight to end zero hour contracts is a prime example. Students, employers, in fact everyone I’ve spoken to is appalled that zero-hours contracting was ever a thing.  But, where laws are weak, there is Read more...

David Clark | Issue 3

Posted 2:00pm Sunday 13th March 2016

Few people would be surprised to learn that the Dunedin North electorate has more students per capita than any other electorate in New Zealand. The vitality of the tertiary education sector plays a vital role in the city’s prosperity. But how many people know that it also has the most people Read more...

David Clark | Issue 2

Posted 2:58pm Sunday 6th March 2016

Labour has a long commitment to international trade. Eighty years ago, the first Labour Government pushed for increased trade access and the opportunity to grow international markets.  Generally countries only give up barriers to trade when they believe it makes good sense for them to do so. Read more...

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