Centre City New World Allegedly Denied Leave Requests for Exams

Posted 1:09pm Friday 18th June 2021

Dunedin's Centre City New World denied students’ requests for leave to sit exams, according to a student working at the supermarket. The supermarket owner denies this claim.  An employee had applied for leave three weeks in advance for a University exam, said an anonymous student Read more...

Gigs Suffer From Noise Complaints

Posted 10:13pm Sunday 2nd May 2021

Local musicians and venue owners are pushing the DCC to stop noise complaints “killing live music,” after a folk gig at Dog With Two Tails was shut down because noise control could “hear it from a carpark.” As if that wasn’t the whole point. Dave Bennett was sound Read more...

Rents to Rise Along With Landlord Saltiness

Posted 1:41pm Monday 26th April 2021

Recent tax changes for investment properties have landlords and OUSA agreeing on one thing: Rent increases are “inevitable”. With landlords arguing tax changes have forced their hand, OUSA is now exploring ways they can respond at both a local and national level. David Seymour, ACT Read more...

Landlords Using Op-Shops As Dumping Ground

Posted 6:59pm Sunday 28th March 2021

The manager of an op-shop has accused landlords of using their shop to dump waste, but the head of the Otago Property Investors’ Association (OPIA) said students are mainly to blame.  April Topi-Elliot, who has managed the SPCA Op-Shop in North East Valley since it opened 5 years ago, Read more...

Stonerís AI Creation Sounds Like Adorable Childrenís TV Show

Posted 5:31pm Sunday 28th March 2021

Maybe it was an internet rabbit hole, where at 3am on Tuesday morning you stumbled on a video of an M&M serenading you with a Japanese ballad. Maybe it was Kim Jong-Un singing “Witch Doctor”. Or maybe, if you are actively involved in Dunedin News (i.e. over 50), you saw mayor Aaron Read more...

A Quarter Of Health Scis Disappoint Their Parents

Posted 2:16pm Sunday 21st March 2021

Out of the 1323 students enrolled into Health Science First Year (HSFY) at the start of 2020, 300 had changed courses for semester two, a total of 23% of the cohort.  Students Critic Te Arohi spoke to weren’t surprised by the numbers, generally agreeing that it sounded “about Read more...

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