Dunedin Hospital Doesn’t Want to Watch Haywardians Shag

Dunedin Hospital Doesn’t Want to Watch Haywardians Shag

An unwanted window into the sex lives of freshers

The Paediatric wing of Dunedin Hospital has clear views into Hayward College. Disaster was inevitable.

A request from the Children’s Unit at Dunedin Hospital called for Hayward residents to “please close your curtains,” especially during “certain naked activities at night”.

Professor Barry Taylor, Clinical Lead of Paediatrics, told Critic that “this was an informal message from a member of the Paediatric team to protect the privacy of the Hayward College residents. It also served to ensure that “patients and their families do not inadvertently see any activities of the College residents.” C’mon, kids. Grow up.

The announcement to College residents said that “parents and their five-year-old children can see far more than I’m sure you’d like.” In retort, students claimed that they could see far more of the Paediatric wing than they’d like, and that “nobody wants to see health professionals performing such caring and selfless acts for a child all the time, gross.”

James Lindsay, Director of Campus and Collegiate Life Services, told Critic that “prior to being contacted by the Dunedin Health Board, this was not something we were aware of.” Perhaps this means that this years’ Haywardians are particularly horny or frotteuristic, or that this years’ sick kids are particularly nimby.

We suspect the former. 

This article first appeared in Issue 17, 2021.
Posted 1:32am Saturday 31st July 2021 by Fox Meyer.