Otago Uni Illness Breakdown

Students are dropping like flies with fresher flu and, for two students, the mumps. 

A spokesperson from Student Health has confirmed two cases of mumps on the Dunedin campus within the last two weeks. The symptoms are similar to the common cold, but also include fever and painful, swollen salivary glands. 

Encouraged into close proximity by pounding D&B and copious amounts of alcohol, students have spent the past few weeks exchanging saliva, either by smoochin’ or via airbourne spit.

Critic hit the Link to see who, at any point in time, is carrying the flu.

“We are advising students that if they think they have mumps, to stay at home and call Healthline’s general number 0800 611 116, or their GP of choice.”

This article first appeared in Issue 3, 2020.
Posted 1:38pm Saturday 7th March 2020 by Alex Leckie-Zaharic.