My Editorials: A Review

My Editorials: A Review

This is a review issue. We’ve got a bunch of reviews. Here’s a review of my editorials so far: 


Editorial #1

Drugs are lame. 2/10


Editorial #2

We still haven’t had an answer from AskOtago. 7/10 


Editorial #3

The University should observe tenancy law. 8/10


Editorial #4

This editorial summarised a piece that appeared on the next page. 1/10 


Editorial #5

Seriousboi. 6/10


Editorial #6

Creative genius. 10/10


Editorial #7

I crowdsourced this editorial. 2/10


Editorial #8

Attending an orgy is not a personality. 1/10


Editorial #9

Student general meetings are boring and so is this editorial. 3/10 


Editorial #10

I copy-pasted large sections of this editorial from Joel MacManus’s 2018 editorial on the same subject. 8/10


Editorial #11

I wore a stupid hat in this editorial photo. I do not wear hats. I’m sorry for this deception. 2/10


Editorial #12

Half of this editorial is a quote. That’s against the University’s code of conduct. 4/10


Editorial #13

Kind of a fuck around, but at least we summoned a ghost. 9/10


Editorial #14

I didn’t write this one. 10/10.


Editorial #15

Starts with “ok buckos”. 10/10


Editorial #16

Couldn’t think of an editorial. Shat something out. 2/10

This article first appeared in Issue 16, 2019.
Posted 1:57am Friday 19th July 2019 by Charlie O’Mannin.