The Best Anonymous Comments From the OUSA Referendum

The Best Anonymous Comments From the OUSA Referendum

The OUSA Referendum happened and everything went pretty much as expected. All the boring questions passed because no one properly understood them. The environmental, drug, and miscellaneous ones pretty much passed with high majorities. The only close ones were whether OUSA should ban tickets in its election, 51/49 in favour, whether OUSA should increase Hyde Street’s capacity, 51/49 in favour, and whether OUSA should support the sale of alcohol in the main common room, which had 43/57 against. Yawn. 

The most interesting thing about the election was that OUSA released the anonymous comments submitted with the questions to us, after they couldn’t think of a reasonable reason not to. Here are some of the best. 



Boring question about auditors

I have no idea what this means. I’m sure it’s fine tho

That Garfield poster was a disgrace

If it aint broke dont touch it boi


Boring question about lawyers

i dont care

I have no idea who Anderson Lloyd is and cannot be bothered with the research. There are some questions I want to answer but why are you forcing me to answer everything when I cannot give a valid answer. This is a crappy referenda.

guess they are doing a good job, if they get expensive shop around #let’s go the thrift shop


Boring question about minor Constitutional details

OUSA are the funny sidekick for when the stress of lectures gets too much. 

I don't believe that Te Roopu Maori should have to give a quarterly report. If the partnership is Treaty based then equality is what is strived for not one partner having to constantly report to the other. If the amendment goes through then you can expect a motion sponsored by me to say that: The Executive of OUSA shall given a quarterly written and verbal report to Te Roopu Maori of OUSA activities and finances that reflects its commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.


Getting a marae on campus

We should definitely have some sort of acknowledgement towards Maori herritage other than the weird broken archway on the way to the link. Is it supposed to be like the entrance to a marae? Can't really tell. One of my mates today said it looked like a portal to another universe so there you go.

Stupidly general question saying that OUSA should run a campaign against bullying

it should run a campaign on hardening the fuck up

Would love for OUSA to run any campaign at all.

I'll bully u if u do this >:(


Introducing composting on campus 

Ye cause where tf do you put your apple cores

it shall smell


First drug question

drugs are for pussies



Second drug question

yes drug users need help not jail. everyone makes mistakes. #gotta stay fly

yes o h y god

Hugs not drugs


Third drug question

No! Why? This is not a priority for students. We don't need drugs. Does anybody actually need marijuana? No.


The majority are gonna vote yes amirite?


Banning tickets

Tickets are for wankers. 

The elections are very dumb. Anyone who would voluntarily put themselves forward shouldn't be elected.


Fourth drug question

Why is OUSA so focused on drugs?

OUSA buying some flats 

This will probably backfire let's be real.


Recycling on campus

We like animals, pls keep them alive


Recordings of all lectures

It's dunedin, so im cold and sick all the time please

The microphones never work anyway, and the 'this is the university of otago' voice is too annoying. 

This one would be nice


Continuing the free breakfast

What free breakfast? I want free breakfast


I have only used this once. The breakfast wasn't that nice - meaning cheap - meaning you can afford to keep doing it for those that need that.


Increase Hyde Street capacity

Don't really care, just had to tick something.

I mean if it's entirely self-funded sure, but don't expand it to whatever street my flat is on next year.


Lobby for RAs to be paid fairly

OUSA should keep all students up to date as this progresses and NAME AND SHAME any person or college that refuses to do so. If the colleges refuse to do so, then OUSA should withdraw (any) support for them and actively warn students not to become RAs.

please, oh my god, we are so undersupported.


Repeal VSM

David Seymour you need to get out and see more, stop what you’re dancing ..... I mean doing.. man i'm dry. Leave us alone

This article first appeared in Issue 13, 2018.
Posted 10:45pm Thursday 24th May 2018 by Charlie O’Mannin.