Fruit and Vege Scheme Goes Bananas

Fruit and Vege Scheme Goes Bananas

Church Not PrePEARed For Such Success

A ll Saints’ Anglican Church is aiming to “prepare well” for the deluge of interest in their new fruit and vegetable distribution scheme. The scheme involves the supply of various fruits and vegetables in three different box sizes (single people – $3, couples – $6, and family/flats – $12) to Dunedin people and households. The church’s priest Reverend Michael Wallace, is surprised it is “so successful.” As a result, it has been forced to discontinue registrations for the service. However, it does harbour an ambition to “extend it to everyone” in the future.

The church, located opposite the Alhambra-Union rugby ground on Cumberland Street, is now looking for volunteers to help carry out the various jobs. Tasks include preparing the hall for streamlined distribution, unloading crates from the trucks and bagging the produce into the three box sizes. Rev. Michael Wallace wanted to stress that any volunteers are welcome, from those with “limited physical capacity” to those who are a “big lump of an athlete.”

A wide range of volunteers has committed already, ranging from “members of the congregation, to lots of people within the community.” The church has a close connection with Selwyn College, but they are looking forward to seeing a wide array of student faces.

Ivica Gregurec, the church’s priest assistant, said, “There are so many people out in the community who are in need of cheaper fruit and vegetables” and “we are so glad as a church that we are able to partner with the community and also everyone who is interested in this cause.”

The distribution of the fruit and vegetables is set to begin as soon as possible, though the organisers are waiting for Charities Services to approve their charitable status. Once this is approved, the church will be able to “have a bank account” to collect the fees for the goods.

While it is currently unable to take registrations for the service, due to its success, the church does wish to know the total interest from within the community to judge further expansion. If you’d like to keep track of the scheme, see the plans for its growth and know when future sign-ups are available, send your details to
This article first appeared in Issue 2, 2015.
Posted 6:26pm Sunday 1st March 2015 by Joe Higham.