Ding Ding Flings Off Exec Thing

Edgar wrings hands, but is fan of Fran

Ding Yi Ding resigned from the OUSA Exec only hours after winning the International Officer position in the by-election two weeks ago. She cited “personal reasons” for her departure.

Although this might appear to be a lucky break for Shane Corrigan, the Dream Team’s losing candidate for the International Officer position, OUSA President Logan Edgar was quick to point out that there will have to be another by-election to appoint the new International rep.

Ding decided to relinquish power after realising that she may be leaving New Zealand to return to China for an unknown period of time. She made sure her enthusiasm for the position didn’t go unnoticed. During her short term, Ding expressed her desire to hold a cultural event involving music, dance, food and other things made more exciting by a foreign influence. Critic has been told the event is likely to go ahead, despite Ding’s resignation, and may take place during Re-O-Week.

Despite the loss of an exec member, Edgar expressed his confidence in the remaining exec line-up, saying that “we were five people down before, and now we’re one.” He also mentioned that he’s “been doing this for years” (despite having held his position on the OUSA exec for only ten months) and scoffed at the notion of confusion in the ranks. He was quick to point to Welfare Officer Fransisco Hernandez as the port-of-call for the international community, calling him “the most international guy on the Exec”, unintentionally proving the point that Ding’s absence does leave the group looking a little flavourless.
This article first appeared in Issue 6, 2012.
Posted 7:07pm Sunday 1st April 2012 by Josie Adams.