ODT makes aggressive move against University

The Otago Daily Times has delivered the first strike in its long-rumoured move to destroy the University of Otago, after the mediocre daily newspaper moved to summarily wipe out the ‘Campus Life’ section of its unpopular website.
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Critic, searching in vain for stories to complete its often stilted coverage of local issues, tried to convince the ODT website to reinstate the ‘Campus Life’ section by refreshing the page over and over again.
After 45 minutes, Critic gave up, and resorted to crying softly into its keyboard whilst drinking a SoGo, bemoaning the terrible luck we had with the ODT changing its website on our very last issue.
Local technical expert Andrew Jacombs, who also occasionally doubles as Critic designer, told Critic that the section of the website no longer existed, saying in no uncertain terms that from now on Critic would “probably have to do some reporting for ourselves”. Critic, however, was unwilling to ring people up and ask them questions, instead preferring to write a story about how we couldn’t write stories about things that the ODT usually writes stories about.
OUSA President Logan Edgar told Critic, “students are a vital part of the wider Dunedin community and the need to be more represented. Sometimes I wake up in the night and log on to the ODT website to see what is happening in the news, and often I say to myself, ‘well fuck me that is some quality coverage of student issues and I hope I read a slightly exaggerated copy of that in my Critic on Monday’. Now how am I supposed to do that if they ain’t going to cover the issues I like to see regurgitated in my face while sitting in MART112?”
Critic was grateful for the illuminative quote from Egdar, particularly considering the dearth of actual content in this article. Outgoing Critic news reporter Lozz Holding told Critic, “Logan could always be counted on for a quote. Sometimes stories I did about Logan would be more quote than story. I fucking love that guy and everything he stands for. Sometime he made me stop and think about life and I would turn to myself and mutter, ‘one day when Logan is Prime Minister, life will be better’”.
Posted 2:29am Monday 17th October 2011 by Gregor Whyte.