Sun sets on ODT's news section

Posted 6:37pm Sunday 11th March 2012

The Otago Daily Times was so delighted by the appearance of the Sun in the Dunedin skyline last week that they put an article to that effect as the lead story on their website. The short article was entitled “Strange excitement as sun appears above Dunedin”, and did not state who authored Read more...

New Unipol offers Freshers false hope over inevitable 'Five'

Posted 4:53pm Sunday 4th March 2012

The new Unipol recreation centre, located next to the Forsyth Barr stadium, opened in late January and the facility has so far received a warm reception from students, with 4600 students going through the gym in a single day last week. The facility boasts two weight rooms, a cardio room, Read more...

Skateboarders unable to read minds

Posted 4:53pm Sunday 4th March 2012

Property Services have announced that they will release a new Cycling and Skateboard policy later this year, with the intention of addressing several areas of concern for campus users. The policy will include maps showing cycle routes, an update of the current “open” bike racks on campus, and Read more...

University grads flee country to find jobs, avoid crossbow violence

Posted 4:53pm Sunday 4th March 2012

University students have identified not finding a job after graduation as one of their greatest fears, and as one of the most stressful factors affecting them during their studies. A Colmar Brunton poll reported in the New Zealand Herald found that 21% of students identified being unable to Read more...

ODT makes aggressive move against University

Posted 2:29am Monday 17th October 2011

The Otago Daily Times has delivered the first strike in its long-rumoured move to destroy the University of Otago, after the mediocre daily newspaper moved to summarily wipe out the ‘Campus Life’ section of its unpopular website. Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000169 EndHTML:0000005013 Read more...

Otago gooder at finances stuff

Posted 4:27am Monday 10th October 2011

The University of Otago leads the university education sector in New Zealand in fiscal responsibility, maintaining the lowest debt-to-equity levels of all the country’s universities.   Otago managed a debt-to-equity level of just 14.1%, with the Auckland University of Read more...

University culls Portugese

Posted 4:23am Monday 10th October 2011

The University of Otago will halt the teaching of 100 level papers in Portuguese in 2012, after perennially low enrolment figures meant that teaching the subject had become financially untenable. Portuguese papers have been offered at the University since 2003 through the Department of Read more...

VSM passage inspires postmodern Cubist poetry

Posted 2:58am Monday 3rd October 2011

VSM here to stay, Students no longer need to pay, ACT on Campus very gay, Dinosaur-cunt shouts hooray? The Education (Freedom of Association) Amendment Bill, colloquially known as the VSM bill, finally passed its third reading in Parliament last Wednesday September 28, ushering in Read more...

0.00175% of students get fired up. Government unmoved.

Posted 2:55am Monday 3rd October 2011

A very small crowd of student protestors gathered on the Union Lawn at noon on Monday September 26, as part of a co-coordinated national day of protest against VSM. Otago protestors, backed by OUSA and OPSA, were also protesting against future fee increases, and the cutting of courses and staff at Read more...

Undy 500 violence spreads to the capital

Posted 4:42am Monday 19th September 2011

Victoria University of Wellington was the scene of significant unrest last Wednesday September 14, as students carrying out a peaceful protest against cuts to academic departments clashed with University security services. Students marched on the University’s Hunter Building to Read more...

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