Cosy Dell Creeper Lurks Over to Queen

Cosy Dell Creeper Lurks Over to Queen

This is getting a bit fucked

The Cosy Dell Creepers are reportedly extending their range, with multiple sources confirming that the figure has been snooping around flats on Queen St. The figure has been reportedly sighted in locations near Prospect Park, a pitch-black field located on the end of Queen St, allegedly prompting a local uptake in security camera sales.

Speaking to an incident with the figure, one student Katie* told Critic Te Ārohi that they had received a text from a friend which had “live footage of him just snooping around their flat.” Another of the flatmates, Chloe* said “We definitely panicked, we all migrated over to one room but then just started cracking jokes, calling him the CDC.”

It was around this point that one of their flatmates trekked back from the library. “I was freaking out and had a such bad feeling and then as soon as I got inside I saw the message saying, ‘Heads up, he’s been hanging around,’” said Katie*. Others not so much, with the girls reporting that one of their flatmates who was going out that night was calling out “creeper where are you?” before making the mish outdoors.

Police arrived on the scene at this point, reporting to residents that the figure had moved to the field above their house. “The police told us to call [them] and not Campus Watch because the police can actually do something […] [Campus Watch] can’t take physical action in a situation like that,” said Katie*. 

Following the incident, Chloe* reported, “We definitely don’t go outside by ourselves at night.” She suggested that the sentiment was felt similarly by neighbours in the cul-de-sac. Concerns were labelled chiefly at Prospect Park, a pitch-black field which they have to cross regularly to reach their cars. Beth* told Critic Te Ārohi “When I’m going through the field I’ll yell ‘I’ve got a knife’ just in case.”

Action is being taken by both Police and residents. “Now it’s gotten a bit more serious […] people were taking the mick out of it a bit,” said Beth*. Security footage of suspicious individuals are now circulating widely amongst flats, bolstered by strong communication channels between residents. Speaking to this uptake in security, the girls reported how a flatmate had been to Bunnings to get a security camera whereupon she was allegedly told that “so many people” have been in to get cameras for their flats due to safety concerns. 

Police have also taken a proactive approach, with one man having already been arrested “in relation to four burglaries.” Though Police are unable to comment further on the details of the case, the individual will appear in court on the 30th of May. Police are also reportedly aware of the other individual’s activities, with security footage of the figure being distributed to officers stationed on the case. 

As Critic reported last week, both Police and the Proctor encourage any students to report suspicious activity around their flats. "Our message to students and the wider community is don't feel bad about calling us to report something or someone who looks out of the ordinary - you're not going to get in trouble if you're wrong, and it could prevent you or someone else from becoming the victim of crime,” said Detective Mark Durant.

The Proctor encourages students to put the Campus Watch Control Room phone into their cell (0800 479 5000) and lock your windows and doors, and pull curtains at night. As well as Campus Watch, there are many other support services that students can turn to if they are feeling stressed or worried by these events. "The University reminds students that Student Health Services, Disability Information and Support, and Te Whare Tāwharau are just a few places students can seek support if they are feeling personally affected by these incidents."

*Name changed.

This article first appeared in Issue 12, 2024.
Posted 10:01pm Sunday 19th May 2024 by Hugh Askerud.