2017 OUSA Executive Election Nominees

2017 OUSA Executive Election Nominees

The nominations for the 2017 OUSA Executive have closed, and an array of good-looking candidates have put their name forward to represent you. Below are the positions and the candidates after your votes! Please note—These are the candidates personal views and in no way an endorsement of OUSA.


Hugh Baird

Hey folks, Hugh here.

After being your 2016 Critic Editor, I’ve come to understand what OUSA does well, and what could be done a hell of a lot better

Our Executive has sat back and debated issues instead of getting stuck in, getting out there, and doing their job.  Students pay a hell of a lot in fees each year, and I believe they deserve a little more bang for their buck.

If you elect me your President I will:

  • Lead an Executive that invests in its students well being and happiness. That must involve more freebies and events for students on campus.
  • Campaign to raise loan and allowance payments, which have been stagnant in the face of rising costs for students. 
  • Work hard to ensure Otago students rights and freedoms.  North Dunedin does not succumb to liquor bans, party registers or CCTV cameras. 
  • Ensure the future of the relationship between Otago University’s Medical School and the Dunedin Hospital amid the planned redevelopments. 

If you’re looking for a leader who will work for all Otago University students, then get out and tick that top box… It's so easy you can do it from your own bed.


Lark Hare

Hi Everyone!

My name is Lark and I’m currently in my 5th year at Otago, studying Law and Accounting. 

Having lived, partied and studied in Dunedin for a few years, I have experienced my fair share of the student life and now it’s my time to give back.

My focus as your OUSA 2017 President will be to make your Otago student experience the best it can possibly be!

As the President of OUSA, I will bring:

  • Leadership: I have the confidence and enthusiasm to make an awesome team leader and student representative.
  • Approachability: I will run weekly drop-in hours—and the coffee is on me.
  • Reliability: I am experienced, having been the President of Rotaract Dunedin - an OUSA affiliated club, as well as tutoring for the University, you can count on me to get the job done right.
  • Kai: I will support the founding of The OUSA Food Truck—delivering cheap snacks and free water directly to students in North Dunedin.

VOTE LARK—I will be “Your Voice”


Hashmat Lafraie

Kia Ora,

My name is Hashmat Lafraie and I want to represent you. No, not represent you like a bad lawyer who shows up to court just to collect their cheques. But really represent you, like Harvey frickin Spector represent you. That is to do whatever it takes to ensure that student’s concerns are not a consideration at the bottom of the list but an actual priority.

I want OUSA to function like the institution that it is. I want it to uphold what we students believe in. I want it to be involved with our affiliated clubs. I want it to be involved with all students and to really hear our individual and collective concerns. I want it to come out of its little offices, hidden from those it represents, and be seen by us all. 

I want OUSA to be lead the way in instituting a zero-fees scheme for tertiary education. It’s about time that we free ourselves from the financial shackles that haunt every single one of us as soon as we graduate. Education is supposed to train future leaders, not put us in perpetual debt.

So vote for an OUSA that really gives a damn.


Administrative Vice-President

William Guy

Hi there,

As your 2016 OUSA Recreation Officer I have been hard at work strengthening our clubs and societies on campus.  I’ve really enjoyed this role, and at this election I’m stepping up.  I’d like your support to become your 2017 Administrative Vice President.  

I’m standing alongside Hugh Baird (for OUSA President) because OUSA needs a strong, independent, and decisive voice.  Instead of more of the same, students deserve a leadership team that will put their interests first. 

Vote Hugh Baird and William Guy for an and effective OUSA, that will work hard to deliver for all students.


Finance Officer

Cody Kirby 

We have a great student association here in Otago, built up over generations by visionary and passionate students. I look to continue this tradition to allow OUSA to grow and prosper for the students of today and tomorrow. I believe we should act fairly, responsibly and effectively as a united executive to continue to make the experience at Otago University great for every student who comes here. This is why I am running for finance officer.


Education Officer

Bryn Jenkins

Hi, I’m Bryn and I want to be your Education Officer for 2017. 

My experience on the Executive has provided me with a strong foundation from which I aim to;

  • Increase OUSA support for other student executive groups, allowing for better events, guidance, and opportunities catered to your degree
  • Develop the Class Rep system by incorporating Facebook for easy communication and feedback
  • Work with the University to ensure students voices are valued in the computer- based examinations process
  • Launch The OUSA Food Truck providing cheap food and greater safety, all over North Dunedin

VOTE BRYN, I will be “Your Voice”


David Wang 

I am currently a 3rd year medical student and will be doing research next year, which gives me time to give this position 100%.

This year I have been part of 3 executives, in 3 different roles. Treasurer for the Rural Health Club, Chairperson for AMSA NZ and Education officer for the Otago University Medical Student Association. These differing roles have given me the experience and knowledge of how to work collectively to achieve positive, meaningful change.

The most important thing is that the fusion of skills, experience and commitment I have will create a better university experience for you.


Postgraduate Officer

Lucy Northwood 

Tēnā koutou katoa, I’m Lucy and I am running to be your postgraduate officer for 2017. This year I am working towards a Master of Arts, majoring in Anthropology and Archaeology. 

I believe that all students, within all departments, deserve to be represented by a strong and inclusive voice. If elected, I will advocate for greater support and stronger relationships between the university and its postgraduate students. 

If we strive towards inter-disciplinary kōrero, celebrate and support each other’s achievements and embrace the rich diversity of students within our postgraduate community, we can, and will, achieve great things.  Vote Lucy4postgrad!


Adam Rowe

Hello Post Grads, in the last two years at the University of Otago I have had a great experience as a postgraduate student. This year in my capacity as president of the OUPS I have tried to improve that experience both for myself and all other postgraduate students at Otago. There is always room for improvement though and if elected I promise to look for this and work with the executive to make sure your voice is heard.


Welfare Officer

Miriam Jenkins 

Hi, I’m Miriam and I’m a third year Law and Politics student. I’m running to be the Welfare officer of your 2017 OUSA executive because I’m really passionate about ensuring issues important to students are represented at the higher levels of university. I aim to prioritise the health, happiness and wellbeing of all students, and make these issues central in campaigns. If elected, I’ll strive to:.

  • Implement a walking-bus to ensure student safety during O-week and Re-O week.
  • Work to subsidise flu vaccinations for more students. 
  • Expand cuddle fixes to reach more students.

Vote Miriam for Welfare!


Eileen Kennedy

Hi, I’m Eileen and I’m passionate about student welfare. I believe every student deserves to be healthy and happy and OUSA should be doing more to make that happen.Vote for me and I will:

  • Start a cloakroom in the Octagon on Thursday and Saturday nights in the winter
  • Fight for better support for mental and physical health
  • Push for exam timetables to be released earlier
  • Continue and improve the Cuddle Fix, Thursdays in Black, Mental Health Day, etc
  • Listen to your ideas and get students more involved in OUSA

For better wellbeing for all students, vote Eileen for Welfare.


Danielle Pope

University can suck sometimes but it doesn’t have to! I’m Danielle and I’m running for Welfare Officer. I hope to act as an advocate to instigate initiatives such as:

  • Working alongside Student Health to establish a comprehensive database of support networks because finding help can be daunting. 
  • Make flatting easier with flatting packs including Scarfie cookbooks for people like me who just can’t cook. 
  • Introducing healthier, cheaper food on campus.

Vote for “Your Voice” to be heard and feel safe on big nights out with the implementation of a Food Truck for cheap, tasty food when you need it most.


International Officer

Max Chan

Hey Max here! The secretarial position on the International Committee has shown me the significance of the collegiate culture that exists among international students. I will undertake to preserve and advocate for this culture by:

  • Further developing international events by incorporating 2016 feedbacks
  • Raising awareness of the student support services available to international students
  • Establishing an exchange committee to represent student diversity
  • Working with the International Office to help further develop job ready opportunities

A Vote for “Your Voice” means a vote for these policies and the pioneering of The OUSA Food Truck!  VOTE MAX—I will be “Your Voice”.


Campaigns Officer

Eden Iati 

Eden Iati is in her third year studying towards a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics. Eden was born and raised in Christchurch, grew up in Hawai’i, but now resides in Dunedin. She enjoys singing, dancing, laughing and spending time with family and friends. After University she hopes to work for the government in a position where she can implement change, for a better society.  She has had the joy of being the Spiritual Officer for the Otago Samoan Students' Association for 2016.


Recreation Officer

Caitlin Barlow-Groome 

Hey, I’m Caitlin! I’m a third year student, who is currently the Sport Representative for COMSA and Head of Logistics for Univeristy of Otago Relay for Life. Being enthusiastic and passionate about the clubs I am part of, I’m keen to make a difference in the way the Clubs and Socs are ran. So, as your Recreation Officer for 2017 I’ll be making the following changes:

  • Increased funding for clubs
  • Easier access to information for new clubs
  • Helping clubs get external funding

As an involved member of many clubs that are affliated with OUSA, I know what changes and support is needed!

Vote Caity B for 2017!


Colleges Officer

Sina Ete

Sina is in her third year studying a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Economics and Finance. She was born and raised in Wellington where she was a Prefect and student representative on the Board of Trustees in her final year of secondary school. Sina is a former resident of Arana College. She is the Vice President of the Otago Samoan Students’ Association and will be a Sub Master at Knox College in 2017. Sina enjoys playing Volleyball, singing (badly), cultural dancing and baking. After university Sina hopes to work in the public sector.


James Heath

My name is James and I would love to be your Colleges Officer for 2017. As part of the “Your Voice” ticket I will:

  • Campaign for an OUSA Food Truck, providing free water and cheap tasty food to partygoers around North Dunedin.
  • Develop previously successful campaigns, such as the Kitten Cuddle Rooms, in Halls.
  • Work with the University to initiate a competent RA training program and Hall awareness campaign on mental and sexual health.
  • Actively increase awareness of what OUSA, the University, and Dunedin have to offer colleges.

VOTE JAMES - I will be “Your Voice”


Don’t like what you see?

No Confidence

If none of the candidates tickle your fancy, don’t ignore the election—vote No Confidence. You’re the people these candidates are hoping to represent, and you have the right to say “no” to them. It’ll mean another by-election if No Confidence carries the day, but it’s better for the search to go on than for you to be stuck with a officer you don’t think is up to the job. And hey, spotty apples need love too.




This article first appeared in Issue 24, 2016.
Posted 11:37am Saturday 17th September 2016 by Critic.