Parents Bribed Uni to Stop Students from Returning Home: OIA

Parents Bribed Uni to Stop Students from Returning Home: OIA

The email from Otago suggesting Health Sci students who went home were “gambling with their academic futures” was a result of pressure, begging, and bribery from parents, according to emails released to the Critical Tribune.

In an email that caused stress for many students wishing to be at home for the Level 4 lockdown, staff from Otago Uni discouraged students from returning home, saying first-year students who left Dunedin were “missing out on work required for terms” and taking a “gamble” on their academic future. The Uni later apologised for the email, and the stress it caused. They did not apologise for the use of a Margaret Thatcher quote in the email, which arguably caused far more stress and frustration for students.

Emails released under the OIA show that this discouragement occurred after dozens of emails from parents, insisting that the Uni do whatever it takes to prevent their kids from returning home. “We will happily make a donation to the University’s board if they ensure my child does not return home this lockdown. Last year all Thomas did when he came home was play Far Cry 4, masturbate in his room, and try and hide the smell of vape in the living room. We just want some peace and quiet.” Another email read: “My daughter eats all of the snacks in our pantry and does not clean up after herself. Our family trust will provide the Uni with a new conference centre if you keep all the students away from our North Shore property. Please.” 

It is unclear when plans for a new conference centre for the Uni will be announced, but they are expected soon.

This article first appeared in Issue 21, 2021.
Posted 3:53pm Sunday 5th September 2021 by The Critical Tribune.