Piss Poor Moaningful Confession

Piss Poor Moaningful Confession

“Your essay is shit.” 

My heart dropped to my stomach, I knew he was saying it in a playful tone, but I had spent a dismal night in St Daves trying to fix my assignment. This guy had passed this paper: he could help me make it better. He must have known his comment hurt because he grabbed my hand tightly. 

“If you want my help, there’s something you can do.” Hear me out, he was fit. His bum was so thick, and the shape of his chest made me weak. I was constantly trying to grab his attention. But, it wasn’t until we matched on Tinder that things started to heat up. I was blushing with each glance he sent my way, I was simping for this boy so bad.

I would do anything he asked, anything. It started small, a sneaky blow job in the bathroom at uni, and late-night booty calls. But the more I got to know him the more hopelessly I fell for him. I was the student, he was the teacher. I would do anything for this man. He taught me so much, different knots to tie him up with, and a cornucopia of toys. But, then he asked for a little more...

To piss on someone, you need to hydrate. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

I clutched my water bottle tightly, making sure to fill it up on the hour. 

We locked eyes in class that day, as I took a large swig. I was prepared. Class finished and I lingered in the hallway, he swept me off downstairs, to the shower on the ground floor. My bladder was so full, the pressure was making my fanny flutter.

As soon as the door locked, I was all over him. Licking his chest, fumbling for his belt. I produced a pair of handcuffs stashed in my bag, locked him to the handrail, and pushed him to the ground. Sitting on the shower floor, hands stretched up behind his head, he beamed up at me. Excited and rock hard.

He liked to be degraded, so I gave it to him as dirty as I could. A slap across the face and yanking his hair back. Teasingly, I gyrated my ass in his face, making him beg for it. I sat reverse cowgirl and rode his dick until I couldn’t take it any more. Each thrust knocked my bladder. Eyes rolling back in my head, the pressure was so intense. I stood up and pushed his face into my pussy, making him eat it. He had to earn all this piss inside me. I pulled his head back, “where do you want it?” 

In the grand finale, I squatted over his chest and let rip. He let out a large sigh of pleasure, I could see the golden liquid streaming down him all over his torso and pooling around his dick. I have never felt so powerful and sexy. He was now my little piss bitch. He reached forward and kissed my pussy, taking in a mouthful of my sweet juice. So fucking hot. I shook off the remaining drops I had left in me. Unlocked him and hosed him down.  Not before he used the showerhead on my clit while he ate my ass. 

Dripping wet and well satisfied, we dried off and went our separate ways.

This article first appeared in Issue 6, 2021.
Posted 1:20am Sunday 11th April 2021 by Critic.