Moaningful Confessions | Part 2: A Big Night

Moaningful Confessions | Part 2: A Big Night

After a little convincing of his friend to vacate the one double bed we set to work. This time around we can get a little more adventurous. 

He was slamming me from the back, pulling my hair and the icing on the cake was the ass slap that was so close to getting me to the edge. I would have creamed all over his cock if he had even mentioned the word naughty. But alas, it was not my time to shine and after he had fulfilled his needs (and me) he quickly escorted me out. 

Then, shit, I’m back in town, having had two cocks fill me and not having orgasmed once. Things are looking dark. The night is not looking promising. Failed grinding attempt, a cheeky wink here and a saucy move there and nothing seems to be bringing me any luck. The night is over, so I head to my hostel, only to find that I have lost my hostel key and my other seven roommates have already passed out. What is a girl to do in this situation? Hop back on the old faithful of course and start abusing Tinder. 

It wasn’t long until I found my prey, a lovely Australian here on a ski holiday (aren’t we all) and ready for some fun. Even better he has a Novotel room all to himself, Daddy, here I come. I'll spare you the introductions and cut straight to the action. 

Slow and sensual kissing, I am really prepared to put in the groundwork after so many attempts tonight and when I say I go down on him like a champ, I fucking mean it. Sucking his balls, licking from that to his tip, slapping his cock in my face, gluck gluck 9000 (ladies you know what I mean). Absolutely going to town on his cock like it’s a lollipop. Was I to be rewarded or what! He not only went down on me but ate me out so hard that I sprayed in his face twice. But y’know only twice doesn’t really suffice (considering I AT LEAST should have cum that many times tonight). I hop on top of this Aussie cock and ride that motherfucker like I’ve just got a new bike for Christmas. Boy am I happy or am I HAPPY. I ride that thick long beautiful cock until he’s absolutely spent, dick going limp inside me and then proceed to pass out. Waking up the next morning I not only felt like a princess from his morning procedure on my already sopping pussy, having squirted all-over his face, but I was also seconds away from missing my bus back to Dunedin. 

So, cheers Queenstown for showing a fresher how to really enjoy her night out, and Dunner’s boys, learn how to treat a girl right, or she will just go looking for more.  

This article first appeared in Issue 3, 2021.
Posted 2:34pm Sunday 14th March 2021 by Critic.