Dear Critic...

Dear Critic...

I got 99 problems and this is definitely one


My problem? Broken banjo string. Seriously.

Thanks, Patrick


Hi Patrick.

I’ve never played an instrument, but I think you can buy replacement strings in town at Music Planet. I’m not sure they carry banjo equipment though. Maybe don’t strum so hard next time.


Poppa Woody




Dear Critic,

I'm a first year (I know #fresh) and while O Week was one of the best times of my life, I’ve found the transition into lectures a bit overwhelming, especially with the level two announcement. I feel like I'm falling behind, even though it's only been a week. Any advice to get over this feeling? 




How's it Anon,

This is a completely normal feeling to have. The transition from high school to Uni is a big one, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed. But remember that this is the first week. You didn't master high school in just one week, so don't expect yourself to master uni so quickly. This is especially relevant considering the changes that Covid keeps throwing at us, so don't beat yourself up if it takes some time to adjust to online work too.

Take things at your own pace, work out what's best for you and work at it, and don't compare yourself to others. The only person you should be focussing on is yourself. If you need help, talk to Student Support or your lecturers. If you're in a college, use your subbies. You pay fees for these services so use them.

Last but most certainly not least, give yourself time to relax. Take a break from the books, talk to mates, do something you enjoy. Give yourself time to reset and it'll make your study time far more effective.

Go forth with this knowledge young fresher, I wish you the best of luck in all your studies, and if all else fails, there's always a sugar daddy or mama just round the corner


Ben Dover

This article first appeared in Issue 2, 2021.
Posted 1:20pm Sunday 7th March 2021 by Critic.