Won’t Someone Think of the Children?

Posted 9:07pm Sunday 3rd September 2023 by Elliot Weir

Throughout the election cycle, politicians get asked a lot of questions - in the debating chamber, on the tiles outside Parliament, on the TVNZ debate stage, in the RNZ studio, on the side of the road. The sum of these questions can paint a picture of the values and concerns of at least some portion Read more...

MĀOR110 Should be Mandatory

Posted 6:27pm Sunday 11th September 2022 by Nā Skyla from Ngāti Hine

The University’s decision to bar students with recognised experience in te reo Māori from taking MĀOR110 (Conversational Māori) was regrettable to be sure. It was undone after students pushed back. The second most regrettable decision the University has made was not making the Read more...

Torn Between Two Worlds:

Posted 6:23pm Sunday 11th September 2022 by Annabelle Parata Vaughan

Navigating one’s identity at university can be a tricky task for many. You’re away from friends, family and the familiarity that comes with home. You’re finally off in the big wide world, free to experiment and figure out who you really are. But for Māori students, the Read more...

The Computer Ate My Homework

Posted 4:20pm Friday 19th August 2022 by Arlo Hill and Fox Meyer

AI is getting better and better. It’s becoming more and more popular at the same time as online learning is booming in popularity. What's stopping students from using AI to do their assignments? Who would even be able to tell if they did? As AI continues to take over jobs, and as more and Read more...

Maths Mayhem!

Posted 11:25pm Friday 8th July 2022 by Nina Brown

Six mathematics alumni and current students have sent an open letter to the University of Otago expressing their concerns over its alleged disregard of the importance of maths education. Critic Te Arohi spoke to Elliot Marshall, a signatory of the letter, about claims that inadequate funding and the Read more...

NZUSA Statement Changed After Student Backlash

Posted 1:20am Saturday 11th September 2021 by Denzel Chung

The New Zealand Union of Students Associations (NZUSA) put up a Facebook post praising the Government’s support for students. After just 24 minutes, and comments from students, the post was extensively revised to take a more critical stance. I believe this is what they call a Read more...

David Clark | Health and Education vs. Tax Cuts

Posted 11:18am Sunday 23rd July 2017 by David Clark

Under the National government, things have swung too far out of balance in our country. A small group of ultra-wealthy people continue to get ahead while everyday New Zealanders are running to stand still, or are being left behind. That deeply concerns me. No matter your background, everyone Read more...

Religious Education Heads to High Court

Posted 10:59am Sunday 24th May 2015 by Amber Allott

A complaint about the unfair treatment of a 9-year-old girl whose family opted her out of a Bible in Schools programme has escalated into a High Court battle that could see religious education removed from public schools. The Churches Education Commission, which provides bible courses to 660 Read more...

Red and Starry Eyed | Issue 6

Posted 7:07pm Sunday 1st April 2012 by Red and Starry Eyed

At the beginning of the 20th century, many New Zealanders hoped Maori would die out. Their numbers were declining quickly, but a hundred years later we claim to be Aotearoa – a multicultural, bilingual society. We may be multicultural, but our society has very little Maori left in it. And our Read more...

The Tory Templar | Issue 6

Posted 7:07pm Sunday 1st April 2012 by The Tory Templar

A case is currently in front of the Waitangi Tribunal looking into the running of Maori-language preschools. These centres claim they need more funding and separate legislation to ensure that the language survives. This raises an interesting question – what role should Maori language and culture Read more...

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