Critic Poetry Comp

Posted 2:02pm Sunday 8th May 2022 by Vega McHaffie

Winner: taurus knows libra By Vega McHaffie i would plead that when he saw me he wouldn’t realise; my soul was an idea scrawled across real estate agent pads floating amongst reminders to get oat milk, to vacuum car seats after the beach, to water forgotten succulents. it was not a Read more...

The Great Critic Te Arohi Flat Garden Competition

Posted 2:25pm Sunday 24th April 2022 by Sean Gourley

Most of Dunedin is a concrete and shattered-glass wasteland. The only crops that grow are a large quantity of substandard housing, liquor stores and fast food restaurants. However, there are a few green spaces that, against all odds, have managed to produce life from Dunedin’s inebriated Read more...

New Disc Golf Club Nets Cash

Posted 12:57am Monday 9th August 2021 by Keegan Wells

The Otago University Disc Golf Club (OUDGC) has gained rapid traction in the student body, and has received a $1,400 OUSA grant to buy new equipment. Critic sat down with Matt Watson, the President and Founder of OUDGC, to find out why people enjoy throwing plastic into metal so goddamn much that Read more...

Every Eurovision Entry, Ranked

Posted 7:36pm Sunday 2nd May 2021 by Fox Meyer

39 countries submitted a music video. Critic has never paid attention to Eurovision, but now that Australia is involved for some fucking reason, we had to. We ranked all the videos ahead of the 22 May finale across three categories: Head-boppiness, performance on-screen, and general vibe. Then we Read more...

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