Castle Street Clean-up Turnout Disappoints

Posted 5:09pm Sunday 21st April 2024 by Hugh Askerud

The fifth annual Sophie Crestani Castle Street Clean-up took place last Friday, attracting a disappointingly small turnout. Few members of the Castle St fraternity showed up, with the majority of initial attendees being either Caroline Freeman College residents or Hold On To Your Friends (HOTYF) Read more...

Bot Takeover Prompts Private Castle24

Posted 8:14pm Sunday 21st April 2024 by Gryffin Powell

The Castle24 Facebook group has been invaded – not by freshers, but by hundreds of bot accounts claiming to sell tickets to the Hyde St Party. What started as a trickle of scammers has turned into a shit storm of hundreds of bots in the lead-up to Hyde, leaving students confused about who to Read more...

SIX60 v No 6: Hoani Matenga Hasn’t Forgotten His Roots

Posted 5:14pm Sunday 25th February 2024 by Iris Hehir

Few Kiwis will ever experience the pinnacles of success that Otago University alumni Hoani Matenga has. Ever since his first taste of representing his country for the Baby Blacks (NZ U19s) in 2006 as a second-year, Matenga’s rugby career has taken him on a journey most Weetbix card-collecting Read more...

Flo-Week Theme Review: 2024

Posted 4:04pm Sunday 25th February 2024 by Lotto Ramsay

Monday: Back to School (Courtyard)  Flo-Week opened with a strong start at Courtyard, running the tried and true ‘Back to School’ theme. The look book for the night was composed of pleated skirts and unironed white collars, with a fair sprinkling of kit from local high Read more...

Castle Roof Blaze Quelled by Campus Watch

Posted 4:10pm Monday 24th July 2023 by Hugh Askerud

Tragedy struck at Doll’s House on the Tuesday of Re-O Week when the roof of the infamous flat was set on fire, having been shot with a series of fireworks. Police were quickly on the scene as the event transpired. It proved to be Campus Watch, however, who eventually stamped the fire out after Read more...

Year 13s Invade Castle Street, Seeking Thrills

Posted 10:03pm Tuesday 18th July 2023 by Hugh Askerud

Never before have there been so many students claiming to be first year health sci students on Castle St. Why would anyone make such an absurd claim, you ask? It’s likely because they’re not even students.    Recently, there has been a significant upturn in the amount of Read more...

Editorial: Dude, Where’s my Castle Host?

Posted 10:05pm Tuesday 18th July 2023 by Fox Meyer

I’ve heard talk that Castle hasn't had an open host since O-Week. What’s up with that? Ya scared?   If you live on Castle, you have a communal responsibility to throw open hosts beyond the bare minimum dates of O- and Re-O-Weeks. That’s what Castle is known for, and Read more...

SILENCED! Castle Boys Speak Out

Posted 5:01pm Monday 29th May 2023 by Hugh Askerud

Love it or hate it (most likely the latter) the sound of 40cc motorcycles on Leith Street has become a fundamental aspect of second-year culture. For this, residents can thank The Castle, a flat which provides a seemingly inexhaustible source of entertainment for Leith St residents who happen to Read more...

Ding-Dong-Ditchers Invade Castle Street

Posted 3:59pm Sunday 21st May 2023 by Hugh Askerud

Knock-knock. Who’s there? No, it’s not your Uber Eats or your sneaky link: it’s two old men who have engaged in the slightly pathetic art of ding-dong-ditching your flat! No, your eyes do not deceive you; a pair of older gentlemen have been spotted roaming the streets of Castle Read more...

2023 Castle Clean-Up Sees a “Whole New Generation” of Volunteers

Posted 3:07pm Sunday 2nd April 2023 by Anna Robertshawe

Returning for its fourth year, the Castle St clean-up on Friday, March 24, saw around 200 students congregate in the Dunedin sun to participate. Hosted this year by the student-led group Hold Onto Your Friends (HOTYF), the clean-up is aligned with the Sophia Charter, dedicated to Sophia Crestani. Read more...

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